Phrasal Verbs with ANSWER: Answer back, Answer for, Answer to

Answer Phrasal Verbs! Learn answer back meaning, answer for meaning, answer to meaning with example sentences and ESL printable worksheets. List of useful phrasal verbs with answer in English.

Phrasal Verbs with ANSWER

Answer Back Meaning & Examples

Answer back

  • Meaning: Reply impertinently; to talk back
  • Example: I’ll thank you not to answer back like that! Where are your manners?

Answer back

  • Meaning: Reply to a question at a later time
  • ExamplePlease answer me back before the end of the week.

Answer For Meaning & Examples

Answer for

  • Meaning: Be held responsible for; to take the blame for something
  • ExampleThe mayor will be answering for his crimes for many years.

Answer for

  • Meaning: Guarantee
  • Example: I will answer for his debt, if he can’t pay on the day.

Answer for

  • Meaning: Vouch for (someone); to attest to the character of (someone)
  • Example: She’s known me for years, and she’s always answered for me!

Answer To Meaning & Examples

Answer to

  • Meaning: Be accountable or responsible to
  • ExampleI’m above you in the hierarchy, Jim, so you should be answering to me.

Answer to

  • Meaning: Justify oneself to (someone)
  • Example: You’re going to have to answer to all of these charges to my satisfaction.

Answer to

  • Meaning: Respond to (a name); to treat as one’s own name
  • Example: She’s answered to Katie her entire life.

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Table of phrasal verbs with answer in English.

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