Phrasal Verbs with BACK: Back up, Back off, Back out, Back onto

Phrasal Verbs with BACK! Learn back up meaning, back off meaning, back out meaning, back onto meaning with examples and ESL printable worksheet. List of common BACK phrasal verbs in English.

Phrasal Verbs with BACK

Back off Meaning & Examples

Back off

  • Meaning: Become less aggressive, particularly when one had appeared committed to act
  • Example: You need to back off, or the situation could turn ugly.

Back off

  • Meaning: Lower the setting of
  • Example: Could you back off the volume a bit? It’s really loud.

Back onto Meaning & Examples

Back onto

  • Meaning: Reverse a vehicle onto something
  • Example: The car backed onto my toe.

Back onto

  • Meaning: Overlook something from the rear
  • Example: My house backs onto the canal.

Back out Meaning & Examples

Back out

  • Meaning: Reverse a vehicle from a confined space
  • Example: He backed out of the garage.

Back out

  • Meaning: Withdraw from something one has agreed to do
  • Example: She backed out of organizing the fund-raising.

Back out

  • Meaning: Undo a change
  • Example: I had to back out the changes made to the computer when it became apparent that they had stopped it working properly.

Back up Meaning & Examples

Back up

  • Meaning: Move backwards, especially for a vehicle to do so
  • Example: That beeping sound indicates that the truck is backing up.

Back up

  • Meaning: Move a vehicle backward
  • Example: Back up the car a little, you’re blocking the driveway.

Back up

  • Meaning: Undo one’s actions
  • Example: I couldn’t see how to finish the project, so I backed up and tried it another way.

Back up

  • Meaning: Reconsider one’s thoughts
  • Example: This isn’t working. Let’s back up and think about it.

Back up

  • Meaning: Copy (data) as a security measure
  • Example: Back up your documents folder before applying the update.

Back up

  • Meaning: Provide support or the promise of support
  • Example: You should be careful. This guy is backed up by the local gang.

Back up

  • Meaning: Halt the flow or movement of something
  • Example: When I flushed the toilet, the plumbing backed up and burst.

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2 years ago

This site is superb

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I love your work. Good job, Sir!

1 year ago

Recently I hear (on television) “back in” being used where “back up” would seem to me to be more appropriate since the contextual meaning is “to support”.

Is this, perhaps, an American usage?

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