10+ Phrasal Verbs with CARRY (with Meaning and Examples)

Learn common phrasal verbs with CARRY in English.

Common Phrasal Verbs with CARRY

List of Phrasal Verbs with CARRY

Carry off

  • Meaning: Transport away
  • Example: I need a truck to carry off all this furniture.

Carry off

  • Meaning: Act convincingly; to succeed at giving the impression of (e.g.) knowledge, confidence, or familiarity
  • Example: The actress carried off a difficult performance.

Carry off

  • Meaning: Cause death
  • Example: Malaria carried off many people.

Carry on

  • Meaning: Continue or proceed as before
  • Example: I’ll be gone for a few days, but I hope you will carry on in my absence.

Carry on

  • Meaning: Take baggage or luggage onto an airplane, rather than check it
  • Example: You may only carry on items that are smaller than a certain size.

Carry on

  • Meaning: Have or maintain
  • Example: It is difficult to carry on a conversation with so many distractions.

Carry on

  • Meaning: Act or behave; especially to misbehave so as to attract attention
  • Example: I really wish you wouldn’t carry on like that in public!

Carry on

  • Meaning: Have an illicit sexual relationship
  • Example: I thought he was my friend, but all the time he was carrying on with my wife!

Carry out

  • Meaning: Hold while moving it out
  • Example: We’ll have to carry the piano out of the shop.

Carry out

  • Meaning: Fulfill
  • Example: She finally carried out her lifelong ambition when she appeared in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Carry over

  • Meaning: Transfer (something) to a later point in time
  • Example: The rent was carried over to December.

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