6 Phrasal Verbs with CHECK in English

In this article, we’ll explore one of the most common phrasal verbs in English: “check.” From “check in” to “check out,” we’ll delve into the many nuances and meanings of this versatile verb, providing you with the tools you need to confidently use it in your everyday conversations. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, this guide will help you unlock the secrets of phrasal verbs with “check.”

List of Phrasal Verbs with CHECK

  • Check out 
  • Check by
  • Check up
  • Check up on 
  • Check in
  • Check on 

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Phrasal Verbs with Check

Check out 

Check out

  • Meaning: To confirm and pay for goods or services at a facility, such as a hotel or a store, when leaving
  • Example: The cashier asked me to check out after scanning my items.

Check out

  • Meaning: To borrow or take out an item, such as a book or DVD, from a library or similar facility, and have the withdrawal recorded
  • Example: She will check out a few books on travel from the library tomorrow.

Check out

  • Meaning: To record someone’s departure from a particular location or premises, or to document someone taking something from a library or shop
  • Example: She checks out her groceries at the store’s self-checkout.

Check out

  • Meaning: To closely examine or investigate something or someone
  • Example: She promised to check out the report thoroughly before presenting it to the board. 

Check out

  • Meaning: To prove something to be the case after an investigation or inquiry, or to make sure that something is in order or satisfactory.
  • Example: He’s going to check out the validity of the research findings.

Check by, Check up, Check up on 

Check by

  • Meaning: To visit a particular location or place in order to check or verify something, often in a professional or official capacity
  • Example: Did you check by the bank to withdraw some cash? 

Check up

  • Meaning:  To investigate or verify something through a brief examination or inquiry, often to ensure that everything is in order or to assess someone’s health or well-being
  • Example: He doesn’t usually check up on his employees’ work.

Check up on

  • Meaning: To investigate or inspect something in order to assess its condition or status, often for the purpose of ensuring that it is functioning properly or meeting certain standards
  • Example: They checked up on their car’s engine before a long road trip.

Check in, Check on 

Check in

  • Meaning: To provide information upon arrival at a hotel or airport, often for the purpose of obtaining a room or boarding a flight
  • Example: Did you check in at the hotel yet or are you still on your way?

Check on

  • Meaning: To verify or monitor someone or something, often to make sure that everything is in order or to provide assistance if needed
  • Example: They check in on their children to make sure they’re doing their homework.

Interactive Exercise

Exercise 1: Multiple choice

Choose the correct phrasal verb (check out, check by, check up, or check in) to complete the sentences.

  1. I need to __________ at the hotel before 12 pm tomorrow.
  2. Can you __________ the store to see if they have the item I need in stock?
  3. The doctor wants to __________ on your condition next week.
  4. I always __________ the information before I share it with others.
  5. The police officer said he would __________ the area to make sure everything was safe.


  1. check in
  2. check by
  3. check up
  4. check out
  5. check out

Exercise 2: Fill the blanks

Fill the blanks using phrasal verbs with “check”

a) The doctor wants to ___________ you to make sure you’re healthy. 

b) I need to ___________ at the hotel before 3 pm. 

c) The police officer decided to ___________ the suspect’s alibi. 

d) The babysitter promised to ___________ the children every hour. 

e) The manager decided to ___________ the new employee’s references. 

f) The parents decided to ___________ their daughter’s new boyfriend. 


a. Check up on

b. Check in

c. Check out

d. Check on

e. Check out

f. Check out

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