Phrasal Verbs with CHECK (with Meaning and Examples)

Frequenly used phrasal verbs with CHECK in English.

Phrasal Verbs with CHECK in English

List of Phrasal Verbs with CHECK

Check by

  • Meaning: Visit a place to check something
  • Example: We checked by the office to see if the stuff was ready.

Check out

  • Meaning: Confirm and pay for goods and services at a facility when leaving
  • Example: I’m done shopping, so I’ll go check out now.

Check out

  • Meaning: Withdraw (an item), as from a library, and have the withdrawal recorded
  • Example: He checked his favorite mystery out for the twenty-third time.

Check out

  • Meaning: Record (someone) as leaving the premises or as taking something therefrom, as from a library or shop
  • Example: The library assistant was checking people out.

Check out

  • Meaning: Examine, inspect, look at closely, ogle; to investigate
  • Example: He checked out the rumor, and managed to verify that it was true.

Check out

  • Meaning: Prove (after an investigation) to be the case / in order
  • Example: The first two leads check out; I’ll assume the third one is also valid.

Check up

  • Meaning: Verify through brief investigation or examination
  • Example: I dropped by to check up on my friend.

Check up on

  • Meaning: Examine or inspect something in order to determine its condition
  • Example: I will check up on the car tomorrow.

Check in

  • Meaning: Register on arriving at a hotel or at the airport
  • ExampleThey checked in at the Ritz yesterday.

Check on

  • Meaning: look at someone or something so that you are certain they are safe, satisfactory etc.
  • Examplesent Tom to check on the kids.

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Phrasal Verbs with CHECK

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