5 Essential Phrasal Verbs with CRACK in English

Last Updated on November 18, 2023

Are you ready to crack the code of phrasal verbs? In this article, we’ll dive into the world of phrasal verbs with the word “crack”. From “crack down” to “crack up”, these multi-word verbs can be tricky to master, but once you do, your English will be on a whole new level. So, let’s get cracking!

List of Phrasal Verbs with CRACK 

  • Crack down
  • Crack down on
  • Crack out 
  • Crack on 
  • Crack up

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Phrasal Verbs with CRACK: Meaning and Examples

Crack down, Crack down on, Crack out 

Crack down

  • Meaning: To take stricter or more severe measures to enforce a law, rule, or policy, often to prevent or deter illegal or undesirable behavior
  • Example: They do not crack down on littering, always ignoring the problem.

Crack down on

  • Meaning: To take strong and decisive action to enforce laws, regulations, or rules, often by implementing stricter measures or imposing harsher penalties
  • Example: Did the police ever crack down on speeding in this area before?

Crack out

  • Meaning: To produce something in large quantities, often using machinery or automated processes
  • Example: The factory always cracks out hundreds of products every day.

Crack on 

Crack on

  • Meaning: To continue working on a task or project, often despite finding it uninteresting or tedious
  • Example: She cracks on with her studies, even when the material is difficult.

Crack on

  • Meaning: To continue moving forward or making progress at a steady or fast pace, often without interruption or delay
  • Example: The team cracked on with the project even when they faced unexpected challenges.

Crack up

Crack up

  • Meaning: To burst into uncontrollable or loud laughter, often due to something humorous or amusing
  • Example: The movie was so funny that we all cracked up in the theater.

Crack up

  • Meaning: To make someone laugh uncontrollably or heartily, often by telling a joke or sharing something humorous or amusing
  • Example: The comedian cracks up the audience with his jokes.

Crack up

  • Meaning: To experience a mental or emotional breakdown, often resulting in a loss of control or the inability to function normally
  • Example: He is currently struggling with the stress of work and fears he might crack up.

Crack up

  • Meaning: Cry up; to extol
  • Example: She always loves to crack up her favorite authors for their incredible writing skills.

Interactive Exercise

Exercise 1: Multiple choice

Instructions: Choose the correct phrasal verb to complete each sentence.

1. The police are planning to __________ on illegal street vendors in the city center.

a) Crack down b) Crack on c) Crack up d) Crack out

2. Despite the difficult conditions, the construction workers are determined to __________ and finish the project on time.

a) Crack down b) Crack on c) Crack up d) Crack out

3. The comedian’s jokes were so funny that the audience couldn’t help but __________ with laughter.

a) Crack down b) Crack on c) Crack up d) Crack out

4. The factory has been working around the clock to __________ as many products as possible before the holiday rush.

a) Crack down b) Crack on c) Crack up d) Crack out

Answer Keys

  1. a) Crack down
  2. b) Crack on
  3. c) Crack up
  4. d) Crack out

Exercise 2: Fill the blanks

Instruction: Fill in the blanks in the paragraph with the correct phrasal verb with “Crack”

The government has decided to (1)___________ on tax evasion and money laundering. They plan to (2)___________ anyone who is found guilty of these crimes. Meanwhile, the construction workers are continuing to (3)___________ the concrete for the new building. They need to (4)___________ in order to finish the project on time. However, one worker has (5)___________ and can’t stop laughing at his coworker’s jokes.

Answers Keys

  1. Crack down
  2. Crack down on
  3. Crack out
  4. Crack on
  5. Cracked up

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