Phrasal Verbs with JUMP (with Meaning and Examples)

This lessons is about useful phrasal verbs with JUMP in English.

Jump around

  • Meaning: Move erratically by jumping
  • Example: He was jumping around with excitement.

Jump at

  • Meaning: Accept something enthusiastically
  • Example: I jumped at the position as soon as it was offered.

Jump down

  • Meaning: Leave an elevated position to a lower position by one jump
  • Example: I jumped down the small flight of stairs.

Jump in

  • Meaning: Enter something quickly. Usually a mode of transport
  • Example: I jumped in the car, and we sped off to the meeting.

Jump off

  • Meaning: Move from an elevated place by one jump
  • Example: The cat jumped off the table.

Jump on

  • Meaning: Board a vehicle
  • Example: Jump on a nÂș9 bus, and it will take you more or less to the door.

Jump on

  • Meaning: Attack verbally, to criticise excessively
  • Example: I hate the way she’s always jumping on me for the slightest little mistake.

Jump out

  • Meaning: Be obviously different or special; to capture an observer’s attention at once
  • Example: All are class acts, but Mary’s picture jumps out as the best overall.

Jump up

  • Meaning: Move from one position to a higher position by one jump
  • Example: I jumped up onto the top of the wall.

Useful phrasal verbs with JUMP.

phrasal verbs with JUMP

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