28 Frequently Used Phrasal Verbs with KEEP in English

Here is a list of phrasal verbs with KEEP with meaning and examples.

Learn 28 Frequently Used Phrasal Verbs with KEEP in English.

Phrasal Verbs with KEEP in English

List of Phrasal Verbs with KEEP

Keep across

  • Meaning: Keep abreast of or up to date with; to keep people informed of
  • Example: We’ll keep across this story for you as the events unfold.

Keep around

  • Meaning: Keep something near one
  • Example: It’s worth keeping a dictionary around in case you come across an unfamiliar word.

Keep at

  • Meaning: Continue with something difficult
  • Example: The secret of dieting is to keep at it.

Keep away

  • Meaning: Refrain from coming (near)
  • Example: I’m keeping away from Joe until he calms down.

Keep away

  • Meaning: Prevent from coming (near)
  • Example: Keep your children away from the construction site: it’s dangerous!

Keep away from

  • Meaning: Avoid or evade
  • Example: He tried to keep away from danger.

Keep away from

  • Meaning: Deny (someone) access to
  • Example: He tried to keep Jack away from his daughter.

Keep back

  • Meaning: Maintain a safe distance
  • Example: Police were warning people to keep back.

Keep down

  • Meaning: Repress
  • Example: China keeps down her dissidents very efficiently.

Keep down

  • Meaning: Restrain or control (a sound)
  • Example: We must keep the noise down, or the neighbours will complain.

Keep down

  • Meaning: Cause not to increase or rise
  • Example: It is essential to keep the numbers down to avoid overcrowding.

Keep down

  • Meaning: Not to vomit
  • Example: It is difficult to keep anything down when you have the flu.

Keep down

  • Meaning: Stay concealed by not standing up
  • Example: You had better keep down or they will see you.

Keep from

  • Meaning: Control yourself, refrain
  • Example: These worries kept her from sleeping properly.

Keep in

  • Meaning: Not allow someone out
  • Example: They were kept in after school.

Keep off

  • Meaning: Not talk about
  • Example: John kept one the subject off his divorce.

Keep off

  • Meaning: Not touch something
  • Example: Keep the flies off the food.

Keep on

  • Meaning: Persist or continue
  • Example: Mum, Jimmy keeps on poking me!

Keep on

  • Meaning: Persist in talking about a subject to the annoyance of the listener
  • Example: For goodness sake, will you stop keeping on about it!

Keep on

  • Meaning: Cause or allow to remain in an existing position
  • Example: The new boss would like to keep on the present secretary.

Keep out

  • Meaning: Refrain from entering a place or condition
  • Example: After being warned, he kept out.

Keep out

  • Meaning: Restrain someone or something from entering a place or condition
  • Example: The warning kept him out.

Keep out of

  • Meaning: Stay away from (a place or condition)
  • Example: I am keeping out of trouble.

Keep out of

  • Meaning: Restrain someone or something from entering (a place or condition)
  • Example: He kept me out of the house while he was redecorating.

Keep to oneself

  • Meaning: Purposely avoid interaction with others; to be introverted
  • Example: She preferred to keep to herself after her husband died.

Keep up

  • Meaning: Stay even or ahead
  • Example: They ran so fast I could hardly keep up.

Keep up

  • Meaning: Ensure that one remains welll-informed about something
  • Example: I always try to keep up with current affairs.

Keep up with

  • Meaning: Move at the same rate
  • Example: She walks so fast I can never keep up with her.

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