12 Phrasal Verbs with LAY (with Meaning and Examples)

Learn common phrasal verbs with LAY in English.

Common Phrasal Verbs with LAY

List of Phrasal Verbs with LAY

Lay by

  • Meaning: Put away for future use; put aside; store; save; hoard; to build up as savings
  • Example: He had managed to lay by money for college through his years as a paperboy.

Lay down

  • Meaning: Give up, surrender, or yield (e.g. a weapon)
  • Example: The police urged the gunman to lay down his weapon.

Lay down

  • Meaning: Intentionally take a fall while riding a motorcycle, in order to prevent a more serious collision
  • Example: He laid down his brand-new Harley-Davidson to avoid the oncoming bus.

Lay down

  • Meaning: Specify, institute, enact, assert firmly, state authoritatively, establish or formulate
  • Example: Let’s lay down the rules right at the beginning, so we are consistent.

Lay down

  • Meaning: Lie down; to place oneself in a reclined or horizontal position, on a bed or similar, for the purpose of resting
  • Example: I feel a bit ill, so I’m going to go lay down for a while.

Lay low

  • Meaning: Topple or overcome; to cause to fall; (of a person) to knock out
  • Example: He was laid low by a vicious blow to the head.

Lay off

  • Meaning: Cease, quit, stop (doing something)
  • Example: When are you gonna lay off smoking?

Lay of

  • Meaning: Stop bothering, teasing, or pestering someone; to leave (someone) alone
  • Example: I told him to lay off me but he wouldn’t stop.

Lay on

  • Meaning: Provide (food or drinks) for free
  • Example: At the conference, they laid on a wonderful buffet.

Lay on

  • Meaning: Repeatedly say (particular things)
  • Example: He laid on compliments.

Lay out

  • Meaning: Arrange in a certain way, so as to spread or space apart
  • Example: She laid the blocks out in a circle on the floor.

Lay up

  • Meaning: Make a layup with (a basketball)
  • Example: He takes the pass, he drives, he lays it up and in.

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Phrasal Verbs with LAY

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