10+ Phrasal Verbs with LAY: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you find it difficult to comprehend the diverse meanings and applications of phrasal verbs with “lay”? No need to fret, as you’re not alone in this struggle! Learning phrasal verbs can be a daunting task, but once you gain mastery over them, they can significantly enhance your English communication abilities. In this article, we’ll delve into the various ways in which “lay” can be combined with other words to form frequently used phrasal verbs. 

List of Phrasal Verbs with Lay

  • Lay aside
  • Lay down
  • Lay by
  • Lay low
  • Lay off
  • Lay on
  • Lay out
  • Lay up

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Phrasal Verbs with LAY: Meaning and Examples

List of frequently used phrasal verbs with LAY in English

Lay down Meaning & Examples

Lay down

  • Meaning: To hand over or relinquish something, often in a peaceful or cooperative manner
  • Example: The criminal was ordered to lay down his weapon.

Lay down

  • Meaning: To intentionally fall off a motorcycle or other vehicle in order to avoid a more serious accident 
  • ExampleThe rider decided to lay down his bike to prevent a more serious accident.

Lay down

  • Meaning: To establish or set forth a rule, regulation, or principle in a clear and authoritative manner
  • Example: The government laid down strict regulations to control pollution.

Lay down

  • Meaning: To rest or recline in a horizontal position, such as on a bed or couch
  • ExampleHe felt tired and decided to lay down on the bed for a nap.

Lay by, Lay low, Lay off Meaning & Examples

Lay by

  • Meaning: To save or store something for later use, often in a deliberate and strategic manner
  • ExampleHe decided to lay by some money every month to save for a down payment on a house.

Lay low

  • Meaning: To defeat or overcome someone or something, or to cause them to fall or be knocked out.
  • ExampleThe celebrity couple wanted to lay low after their high-profile breakup.

Lay off

  • Meaning: To stop or cease doing something, often in a professional or work-related context
  • Example: Due to the pandemic, the company had to lay off several employees.

Lay on Meaning & Examples

Lay on

  • Meaning: To provide something, usually food or drinks, often for free or as a gesture of hospitality
  • Example: The company lays on free coffee for its employees every morning.

Lay on

  • Meaning: To repeatedly say or emphasize something, often in an insistent or forceful manner
  • Example: He lays on the same jokes every time we meet.

Lay aside, Lay out, Lay into, Lay up Meaning & Examples

Lay aside

  • Meaning: To reserve or save something for a particular purpose 
  • Example: She laid aside some money for her daughter’s college education.

Lay out

  • Meaning: To arrange or organize something in a particular way, often by spacing it apart or making it visible 
  • Example: Let’s lay out the picnic blanket and enjoy our lunch in the park.

Lay into

  • Meaning: To attack or criticize someone harshly
  • Example: The boss laid into the employee for not completing the project on time.

Lay up

  • Meaning: To make a layup shot in basketball, which involves shooting the ball close to the basket while running toward it 
  • Example: The player often lays up the ball after a quick pass.

Interactive Exercise

Choose the correct phrasal verb to complete each sentence.

  1. The company had to __________ several employees due to budget cuts. (Lay off / Lay up)
  2. He decided to __________ for a while after the altercation with his neighbor. (Lay low / Lay out)
  3. She carefully __________ the fragile vase on the table. (Laid down / Laid up)
  4. They decided to __________ some extra cash for unexpected expenses. (Lay by / Lay off)
  5. The coach __________ the team’s expectations for the season during the first practice. (Laid down / Laid out)
  6. The thief was instructed to __________ his stolen goods and surrender to the authorities. (Lay down / Lay off)
  7. The experienced rider decided to __________ his bike to avoid hitting the car that suddenly pulled out in front of him. (Lay down / Lay low)
  8. She likes to __________ and read a book to unwind. (Lay down / Lay up)
  9. The protesters were asked to __________ their signs and disperse peacefully. (Lay down / Lay off)
  10. The restaurant decided to __________ a free meal for the firefighters who helped put out the nearby fire. (Lay on / Lay by)


  1. Lay off
  2. Lay low
  3. Laid down
  4. Lay by
  5. Laid down
  6. Lay down
  7. Lay down
  8. Lay down
  9. Lay down
  10. Lay on

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