The Ultimate Guide to 10+ Phrasal Verbs with LET

In English, “let” is a versatile verb that can be used in many different phrasal verbs with a variety of meanings. In this lesson, we will explore the most common phrasal verbs with “let” and their various meanings. By the end of this lesson, you will have a better understanding of how to use these phrasal verbs in context, and you will be able to incorporate them into your English language skills with ease. So, let’s get started!

List Phrasal Verbs with LET

  • Let down
  • Let in
  • Let in on
  • Let off
  • Let on
  • Let out
  • Let past
  • Let up

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Phrasal Verbs with LET: Meaning and Examples

List of commonly used phrasal verbs with LET in English.

Let down, Let in, Let in on

Let down

  • Meaning: To enable something to move in a downward direction.
  • Example: The mechanic let down the car from the lift after repairing it.

Let down

  • Meaning: Cause disappointment or to fail someone by not meeting their expectations or betraying their trust.
  • ExampleShe is afraid that her friend will let her down.

Let in

  • Meaning:  Allow someone or something to enter a place or a building
  • Example: The doorman lets in the guests after checking their IDs.

Let in on

  • Meaning: Reveal or share confidential or secret information with someone
  • ExampleShe will let her parents in on her decision to move abroad.

Let off, Let on

Let off

  • Meaning: To cause something to release or discharge, such as steam or gas, or to explode
  • Example: The fireworks let off a loud boom and colorful sparks.

Let off

  • Meaning: To excuse someone from punishment or blame for something they have done wrong
  • ExampleThe teacher let off the student for forgetting to do their homework.

Let on

  • Meaning: To reveal or disclose information that was previously unknown or kept hidden, often unintentionally or by accident.
  • ExampleCan you promise not to let on about the surprise party?

Let out

Let out

  • Meaning: To allow something or someone to be released from confinement, or to set something or someone free from a restriction or constraint
  • Example: The zookeepers let out the animals from their cages.

Let out

  • Meaning:  To increase the speed or power of a machine or vehicle by adjusting its controls, such as a throttle or accelerator.
  • Example: He let out the clutch and the car sped up.

Let out

  • Meaning: To make a piece of clothing or fabric larger by adjusting one or more seams, typically by removing stitches or adding extra fabric
  • ExampleThe tailor let out the waistband of the pants.

Let out

  • Meaning: To produce or emit a sound, often loudly or suddenly
  • Example: The dog let out a loud bark.

Let out

  • Meaning:

    To reveal or disclose information that was previously unknown or kept secret, often unintentionally or by accident

  • Example: She accidentally let out the secret during the conversation.

Let past, Let up

Let past

  • Meaning:  To permit or allow someone to pass by or move ahead of oneself, often in a physical sense such as in a crowded space or on a narrow path
  • Example: This guy is right up on my tail, so I will slow down to let him past.

Let up

  • Meaning: To come to a stop or to cease an activity, often after a period of intensity or pressure.
  • Example: The rain finally let up after a week of heavy downpours.

Interactive Exercise

Choose the correct phrasal verb to complete each sentence.

  1. She decided to __________ her hair for the wedding. (Let down / Let out)
  2. He asked his friends to __________ and give him some space to study. (Let off / Let up)
  3. The teacher decided to __________ the students who arrived late to the class. (Let past / Let in)
  4. The company decided to __________ several employees due to budget cuts. (Let off / Let go)
  5. He decided to __________ his friends in on the surprise party. (Let in / Let on)
  6. The coach __________ the team’s strategy for the upcoming game. (Let on / Let out)
  7. She decided to __________ her guard down and trust him again. (Let off / Let down)
  8. The prisoner was finally __________ after serving his sentence. (Let out / Let off)
  9. The storm finally __________ and the sun came out. (Let up / Let in)
  10. The host decided to __________ her guests early so they could enjoy the sunset. (Let in / Let out)


  1. Let down
  2. Let up
  3. Let in
  4. Let go
  5. Let in
  6. Let out
  7. Let down
  8. Let out
  9. Let up
  10. Let in

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