14 Phrasal Verbs with LET: Let down, Let in, Let out, Let up…

14 Phrasal verbs with LET in English! Learn let down meaning, let in meaning, let in on meaning, let off meaning, let on meaning, let out meaning, let past meaning, let up meaning with examples and ESL printable worksheets.

Phrasal Verbs with LET

List of commonly used phrasal verbs with LET in English.

Let down, Let in, Let in on Meaning & Examples

Let down

  • Meaning: Allow to descend
  • Example: They let down the rope and I fastened it to the basket.

Let down

  • Meaning: Disappoint; to betray or fail somebody
  • Example: I promised him I would meet him there, and I will not let him down.

Let in

  • Meaning: Let someone or something come in
  • Example: He opened the window to let in the air.

Let in on

  • Meaning: Disclose information to someone; to tell somebody a secret or share privileged information
  • Example: Do you think we should let him in on the shortcut?

Let off, Let on Meaning & Examples

Let off

  • Meaning: Cause to explode or come out; to release
  • Example: Stand back when you let off fireworks.

Let off

  • Meaning: Forgive and not punish
  • Example: The boss let me off for breaking the office window, when in theory she could have fined me about 30 dollars.

Let on

  • Meaning: Reveal, disclose, or divulge
  • Example: I tried not to let on that I had already guessed the answer.

Let out Meaning & Examples

Let out

  • Meaning: Release
  • Example: The students were let out of school early.

Let out

  • Meaning: Allow to operate at higher speed by adjusting controls
  • Example: He let out the reins when they were a mile from the barn.

Let out

  • Meaning: Enlarge by adjusting one or more seams
  • Example: After the holidays he had to have his suits let out.

Let out

  • Meaning: Of sound, to emit
  • Example: The dog let out a yelp.

Let out

  • Meaning: Disclose
  • Example: He accidentally let out the location for the meeting.

Let past, Let up Meaning & Examples

Let past

  • Meaning: Allow someone to pass one
  • Example: This guy is right up on my tail, so I will slow down to let him past.

Let up

  • Meaning: Cease; stop
  • Example: The rain shows no sign of letting up.

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