Phrasal Verbs with LIVE (with Meaning and Examples)

Learn useful phrasal verbs with LIVE with their meaning and examples.

Live down

  • Meaning: Get used to something shameful
  • Example: He has never been able to live down his electoral defeat.

Live off

  • Meaning: Survive by consuming only a certain thing or things
  • Example: When I was a student, I lived off baked potatoes.

Live on

  • Meaning: Survive solely by consuming a certain thing
  • Example: When he was in the rainforest, he lived on bugs and rainwater.

Live on

  • Meaning: Endure
  • Example: Her memory lives on in our hearts.

Useful phrasal verbs with LIVE | Image 1.

phrasal verbs with LIVE

Live out

  • Meaning: Not reside on the premises of one’s employer
  • Example: Our nanny used to live out, but now she lives with us.

Live out

  • Meaning: Live some distance away or outside of a town/city
  • Example: I used to live out west.

Live out

  • Meaning: Fulfil or act out a dream or fantasy or aspiration
  • Example: Jackie is going to fashion school to live out her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Live out

  • Meaning: Pass time or to pass the remainder of one’s life
  • Example: He is paying $200,000 a year to live out his days on a cruise liner.

Live through

  • Meaning: Survive a difficult period or event
  • Example: My grandfather lived through the Great Depression.

Live up

  • Meaning: Fulfil the expectations placed upon
  • Example: She never lived up to her reputation.

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Phrasal Verbs with LIVE

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