20+ Phrasal Verbs with LOOK: A Definitive Guide

In this lesson, we will explore a range of phrasal verbs with LOOK, including look after, look ahead, look back, look around, look down, look at, look forward to, look on, look through, and look up. Each phrasal verb has its unique meaning and usage, and we will provide clear explanations and examples to help you understand how to use them correctly.

List Phrasal Verbs with LOOK

  • Look after
  • Look ahead
  • Look back
  • Look around
  • Look down on
  • Look at
  • Look for
  • Look forward to
  • Look in (on sb)
  • Look into
  • Look on
  • Look on as
  • Look out
  • Look out
  • Look out for
  • Look round
  • Look through
  • Look to
  • Look up
  • Look up to
  • Look upon
  • Look upon as

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Phrasal Verbs with LOOK: Meaning and Examples

List of 30+ useful phrasal verbs with LOOK in English with meaning and examples.

Look after, Look ahead, Look back Meaning & Examples

Look after

  • Meaning: To take care of or protect someone or something
  • Example: She promised to look after her neighbor’s cat while they were on vacation.

Look ahead

  • Meaning: To think about and plan for the future
  • ExampleThe company is always looking ahead to stay ahead of the competition.

Look back

  • Meaning: To remember or reflect on past events or experiences
  • Example:  He likes to look back on his childhood memories.

Look around Meaning & Examples

Useful phrasal verbs with look – look around.

Look around

  • Meaning: To inspect or examine a building or area
  • Example: The police officers were asked to look around the crime scene for any evidence.

Look around

  • Meaning: To search a place for something
  • Example: He’s been looking around for his keys for the past hour.

Look around

  • Meaning: To glance behind oneself or in a different direction to see what is there
  • Example: She looked around to see who was calling her name.

Look down on, Look at, Look for Meaning & Examples

Look down on

  • Meaning: To view or regard someone with a sense of superiority or disdain
  • Example: She looks down on people who don’t have a college degree.

Look at

  • Meaning: To consider or examine something closely
  • ExampleHe looked at the painting for a long time, trying to understand its meaning.

Look for

  • Meaning: To search or seek for something
  • Example: She’s looking for her keys in her purse.

Look forward to, Look in, Look into Meaning & Examples

Look forward to

  • Meaning: To feel happy and excited about something that is going to happen in the future
  • Example: She’s looking forward to her vacation in Hawaii.

Look in (on sb)

  • Meaning: To visit someone or a place for a brief period
  • Example: I’m going to look in on my grandmother this afternoon.

Look into

  • Meaning: To investigate, explore, or consider something to gain more information or understanding
  • Example: The police are going to look into the matter and investigate further.

Look on, Look on as Meaning & Examples

Look on

  • Meaning: To watch or observe something, often from a distance
  • Example: She looked on as her children played in the park.

Look on as

  • Meaning: To consider or treat someone in a particular way or role, often based on their actions or behavior
  • Example: They looked on as the new employee struggled to learn the ropes.

Look out, Look out for Meaning & Examples

Look out

  • Meaning: To look from the inside to the outside, often through a window or opening
  • Example: She looked out the window to see if it was still raining.

Look out

  • Meaning: To be vigilant and aware of one’s surroundings, often to avoid danger or harm
  • Example: Look out! There’s a car coming!

Look out for

  • Meaning: To take care of someone and make sure they are safe and well
  • Example: Marry looked out for her younger sister when she started school.

Look out for

  • Meaning: To stay alert and try to see or notice something, often to avoid danger or to find something important
  • Example: He always looks out for his little sister when they’re out in public.

Look round Meaning & Examples

Useful phrasal verbs with look – look round.

Look round

  • Meaning: To examine or survey a location or structure to gain a better understanding of it
  • Example: She decided to look round the museum before leaving.

Look round

  • Meaning: To explore or investigate a particular area or place to find something
  • Example: He’s been looking round for his keys for the past hour.

Look round

  • Meaning: To glance behind oneself or in a different direction to see what is there
  • Example: He heard a voice and looked round to see a man wearing dark clothes.

Look through Meaning & Examples

Look through

  • Meaning: To gaze through a gap or aperture, often to see what is on the other side
  • Example: She looked through the window to see if anyone was outside.

Look through

  • Meaning: To search for something, either visually or by using one’s hands
  • Example: She looked through the magazine to find an interesting article.

Look through

  • Meaning: To pretend not to see something or someone who is clearly visible, often to avoid confrontation or to ignore something unpleasant
  • ExampleHe looked through his boss when he saw him in the hallway.

Look to, Look up, Look up to Meaning & Examples

Look to

  • Meaning: To turn to someone for guidance, advice, or support, often in a time of need
  • Example: She looks to her mother for advice on important decisions.

Look up

  • Meaning: To experience a positive change in circumstances, often related to one’s career, finances, or personal life
  • Example: Things are starting to look up for the company after a difficult year.

Look up

  • Meaning: To search for and find information about a particular topic in a book, website, or other written source
  • Example: She looked up the definition of the word in the dictionary.

Look up to

  • Meaning: To regard someone with admiration or respect, often because of their achievements, character, or status
  • Example: She looks up to her grandmother for her wisdom and strength.

Look upon, Look upon as Meaning & Examples

Look upon

  • Meaning: To view or perceive something in a particular way, often based on one’s personal beliefs, experiences, or values
  • Example: She looked upon the situation with skepticism.

Look upon

  • Meaning: To observe or contemplate something with one’s eyes, often in a contemplative or thoughtful manner
  • Example: She looked upon her newborn baby with love and tenderness.

Look upon as

  • Meaning: To consider or regard something in a certain way
  • Example: They’re looked upon as experts in their industry.

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