15+ Phrasal Verbs with MAKE in English

In this guide, we will explore the most common phrasal verbs with “make” and provide clear explanations and examples to help you understand their meaning and usage. Whether you are a student, professional, or simply looking to improve your English language skills, this guide will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of phrasal verbs with “make” and help you to communicate more effectively in English.

List Phrasal Verbs with MAKE

  • Make after
  • Make away with
  • Make for
  • Make into
  • Make it up to
  • Make of
  • Make off
  • Make off with
  • Make out
  • Make out of
  • Make over
  • Make up
  • Make up for
  • Make up to
  • Make towards
  • Make way

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phrasal verbs with MAKE

Phrasal Verbs with MAKE: Meaning and Examples

List of commonly used phrasal verbs with the word Make in English.

Make after, Make away with, Make for Meaning & Examples

Make after

  • Meaning: To pursue or follow someone or something in order to catch or capture them
  • Example: The police made after the suspect on foot.

Make away with

  • Meaning: To take something without permission or unlawfully, often with the intent to keep it for oneself
  • Example: The thief made away with the jewelry from the store.

Make for

  • Meaning: To travel or move towards a particular destination or goal, often with a sense of purpose or urgency
  • ExampleHe’s making for the store to buy some groceries.

Make for

  • Meaning: To have an effect or impact on something, often in a positive or negative way, such as contributing to a particular outcome or causing a particular reaction
  • Example: Her positive attitude makes for a pleasant work environment.

Make into, Make it up to, Make of Meaning & Examples

Make into

  • Meaning:To cause the first object to become the second object, typically by changing or transforming it
  • Example: She made the old T-shirt into a cleaning rag.

Make it up to

  • Meaning: To repay or return a previous good deed or favor to someone
  • Example: They will make it up to their friend by throwing a surprise party.

Make of

  • Meaning: To form an opinion about someone or something based on available information or evidence
  • Example:  I can’t make much of this situation.

Make off, Make off with Meaning & Examples

Make off

  • Meaning: To leave a place quickly
  • Example: The thief makes off with the purse.

Make off

  • Meaning: To escape from a situation
  • Example: The prisoner makes off during the prison break.

Make off with

  • Meaning: To steal something and then quickly leave with it, often without being detected or caught
  • Example: She caught the children trying to make off with the candy from the store.

Make out, Make out of Meaning & Examples

Make out

  • Meaning:  To prepare or create a document, such as a cheque, and assign it to a specific recipient or payee
  • Example: The lawyer made out the will according to the client’s wishes. 

Make out

  • Meaning: To manage or cope with a situation, and to do well or badly in it
  • Example: They make out well in their business.

Make out

  • Meaning: To present or portray something in a particular way, often to make it appear true or accurate
  • ExampleThe article makes out that the company is in trouble.

Make out

  • Meaning: To kiss someone passionately, often for a prolonged period of time
  • Example: The couple will make out in the movie theater.

Make out of

  • Meaning: To construct or create something using a particular material or substance as the basis or foundation
  • ExampleShe’s making a sculpture out of clay.

Make over Meaning & Examples

Make over

  • Meaning: To renovate or convert a space, such as a house, office, or room, into a different use or layout
  • Example: The company decided to make over the old warehouse into a trendy coworking space.

Make over

  • Meaning: To give someone or something a new physical appearance, often through the use of a new hairstyle, cosmetics, or clothing
  • Example: She made herself over with a new haircut and makeup.

Make over

  • Meaning: To improve upon something or take it in a new direction, often with the goal of making it more successful or appealing
  • Example:  The new CEO plans to make over the company’s strategy to focus on sustainability.

Make up, Make up for, Make up to Meaning & Examples

Make up

  • Meaning:  To compensate for something that was missed or lost, to fill in or catch up on something
  • Example: The company offered to make up the lost wages to the employees affected by the shutdown.

Make up

  • Meaning: To invent, imagine, or create a story, claim, or explanation
  • Example: She made up a story about why she was late.

Make up

  • Meaning: To assemble or mix different things together to create a whole
  • Example:  He made up a batch of cookies for the party.

Make up

  • Meaning: To apply cosmetics or makeup to one’s face or body
  • Example: She made up her face with a touch of lipstick and mascara.

Make up

  • Meaning: To resolve, forgive, or smooth over an argument or fight between two people
  • Example:  They made up after their argument and became friends again.

Make up for

  • Meaning: To compensate for something that was missed or lost, to replace or make up for something that was lacking
  • Example: She worked overtime to make up for the time she missed on vacation.

Make up to

  • Meaning: To do something to show that you are sorry for causing problems or harm to someone, often with the goal of making amends or improving the relationship
  • Example: He tried to make up to his girlfriend after their fight by buying her flowers.

Make towards, Make way Meaning & Examples

Make towards

  • Meaning: To move or head in a particular direction, often to reach a specific destination
  • Example: We need to make towards the exit before the concert ends.

Make way

  • Meaning: To make progress, often by overcoming obstacles or moving forward in a particular direction
  • Example: The construction crew is making way on the new building.

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