Phrasal Verbs with PLAY (with Meaning and Examples)

List of common phrasal verbs with PLAY with meaning and examples in English.

Phrasal Verbs with PLAY in English

List of Common Phrasal Verbs with PLAY

Play along

  • Meaning: Take part in a charade, deception, or practical joke
  • Example: James played along with the frat boys.

Play around

  • Meaning: Behave in a silly, or childish, or irresponsible way
  • Example: Stop playing around, and get on with your homework.

Play around

  • Meaning: Work with in a non-serious manner
  • Example: You could build even more interesting components called amplifiers and begin playing around with amplifiers.

Play at

  • Meaning: Pretend to be a different person while playing a game
  • Example: So we played at being pirates for a while.

Play at

  • Meaning: Do something in a manner that lacks seriousness, commitment, or professionalism
  • Example: In my opinion, John only plays at being an author. He hasn’t sold more than two magazine articles in as many months.

Play down

  • Meaning: Make or attempt to make something seem less important, likely, or obvious
  • Example: The senator played down the threat of a recession.

Play off

  • Meaning: Pretend not to be embarrassed, upset, impressed or otherwise affected by something
  • Example: Although he’s obviously hung over, he’s trying to play it off as food poisoning.

Play out

  • Meaning: Play music to accompany the end of, or as a final segment in (a programme, broadcast etc.)
  • Example: And now, to play us out, please welcome Tom Waits.

Play out

  • Meaning: Occur in a certain manner
  • Example: My date played out a little differently than I imagined.

Play up

  • Meaning: Misbehave
  • Example: Children who do not receive enough attention may begin to play up.

Play up

  • Meaning: Make or attempt to make something appear more important, likely or obvious; to showcase or highlight
  • Example: For the audition, Nicole will play up her skill as a pianist by playing Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring by Bach.

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Phrasal Verbs with PLAY

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