22 Phrasal Verbs with PULL: Pull out, Pull off, Pull up, Pull over…

Phrasal verbs with PULL! Learn pull ahead meaning, pull apart meaning, pull away meaning, pull in meaning, pull off meaning, pull on meaning, pull out meaning, pull over meaning, pull up meaning with examples and ESL printable pictures.

Phrasal Verbs with PULL

List of commonly used phrasal verbs with PULL in English.

Pull ahead, Pull apart Meaning & Examples

Pull ahead

  • Meaning: Start being in a winning position (e.g. in a race or competition)
  • Example: After being neck-and-neck the whole race, Gibbs managed to pull ahead in the final lap.

Pull apart

  • Meaning: Become separated as a result of pulling
  • Example: A weak rope will pull apart.

Pull apart

  • Meaning: Rigorously investigate the basis of an idea or theory
  • Example: Starting with a couple of inconsistencies, the detective began to pull apart his alibi.

Pull away, Pull in Meaning & Examples

Pull away

  • Meaning: Move ahead
  • Example: Schumacher is beginning to pull away from the rest of the racers.

Pull in

  • Meaning: Pull something, so that comes inside
  • Example: After falling out of the boat, the crew pulled him in.

Pull in

  • Meaning: Earn
  • Example: He pulls in a lot of money.

Pull in

  • Meaning: Approach a station
  • Example: Quick! The train’s pulling in.

Pull off Meaning & Examples

Pull off

  • Meaning: Remove by pulling
  • Example: As soon as she got home, she pulled off her clothes.

Pull off

  • Meaning: Achieve; to succeed at something difficult
  • Example: Six pages is a lot to write in one night. Do you think she can pull it off?

Pull off

  • Meaning: Turn off a road
  • Example: After about a mile, we pulled off the main road onto a dirt track.

Pull off

  • Meaning: Begin moving and then move away; to pull away
  • Example: As the police approached, the car pulled off and sped away into the distance.

Pull on, Pull out Meaning & Examples

Pull on

  • Meaning: Put on (clothes) by tugging
  • Example: I pulled on my winter coat before stepping out into the snow.

Pull out

  • Meaning: Withdraw; especially of military forces; to retreat
  • Example: The troops pulled out of the conflict.

Pull out

  • Meaning: Use coitus interrupt us as a method of birth control
  • Example: With a tremendous groan, he pulled out and ejaculated all over her belly.

Pull out

  • Meaning: Remove something from a container
  • Example: He pulled out his gun before she had a chance to scream.

Pull out

  • Meaning: Maneuver a vehicle from the side of a road onto the lane
  • Example: When joining a road, you should check for traffic before pulling out.

Pull over Meaning & Examples

Pull over

  • Meaning: Come to a stop, and turn off the road
  • Example: Can you pull over just after the post office? My house is next door.

Pull over

  • Meaning: Cause to pull over
  • Example: Do you know why we pulled you over?

Pull up Meaning & Examples

Pull up

  • Meaning: Lift upwards or vertically
  • Example: I pull up the level when I want to make my car go into first gear.

Pull up

  • Meaning: Pull forward
  • Example: Pull up a bench and have a seat.

Pull up

  • Meaning: Retrieve; get
  • Example: Pull up that website for me, it looks quite interesting.

Pull up

  • Meaning: Drive close towards something, especially a curb
  • Example: Pull up to that curb slowly; you don’t want to scratch that other car.

Phrasal Verbs with PULL | Images

Useful phrasal verbs with PULL | Image 1

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zara sadaf
zara sadaf
3 years ago

pull down hhw help

2 years ago
Reply to  zara sadaf

pull down – destroy smt
pull down = earn smt
and opposite of pull up

2 years ago

I love u, I love learnings

2 years ago

what is the meaning of pull down

1 year ago


Merhawi Assfha
Merhawi Assfha
9 months ago

I love the way you teach us thanks.

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