Phrasal Verbs with SEE: See through, See out, See to…

Phrasal verbs with SEE! Learn see in meaning, see into meaning, see out meaning, see through meaning, see to meaning with examples and ESL printable worksheets. List of commonly used phrasal verbs with SEE in English.

Phrasal Verbs with SEE

See in, See into, See out Meaning & Examples

See in

  • Meaning: Welcome
  • Example: They saw in the New Year with dancing and fireworks.

See into

  • Meaning: Escort into, especially a place of shelter
  • Example: Just see her into the house.

See out

  • Meaning: Accompany a guest when he or she leaves
  • Example: Please see our guest out.

See out

  • Meaning: Continue something until completion; to watch an activity develop to a conclusion
  • Example: I’ll never give up. I’m going to see this thing out.

See through Meaning & Examples

See through

  • Meaning: Find something to be visually transparent
  • Example: Their fabric is so thin that I can see through these curtains.

See through

  • Meaning: Not be deceived by something that is false or misleading
  • Example: I’m surprised she doesn’t see through his lies.

See through

  • Meaning: Provide support or cooperation to (a person) throughout a period of time
  • Example: And may we all, citizens the world over, see these events through.

See through

  • Meaning: Do something until it is finished
  • Example: Despite her health problems, Madame Prime Minister saw the project through.

See through

  • Meaning: Constitute ample supply for one for
  • Example: Those chocolates should see us through the holiday season.

See to Meaning & Examples

See to

  • Meaning: Take care of; to effect; to make happen
  • Example: After seeing to the shopping, cleaning and cooking, he finally sat down for some rest.

See to

  • Meaning: Serve or care for
  • Example: Mark, please see to Mrs. Landingham and make sure she has everything she needs.

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