Phrasal Verbs with SEE (with Meaning and Examples)

Learn common phrasal verbs with SEE in English.

Phrasal Verbs with SEE in English

List of Phrasal Verbs with SEE

See in

  • Meaning: Welcome
  • Example: They saw in the New Year with dancing and fireworks.

See into

  • Meaning: Escort into, especially a place of shelter
  • Example: Just see her into the house.

See out

  • Meaning: Accompany a guest when he or she leaves
  • Example: Please see our guest out.

See out

  • Meaning: Continue something until completion; to watch an activity develop to a conclusion
  • Example: I’ll never give up. I’m going to see this thing out.

See through

  • Meaning: Find something to be visually transparent
  • Example: Their fabric is so thin that I can see through these curtains.

See through

  • Meaning: Not be deceived by something that is false or misleading
  • Example: I’m surprised she doesn’t see through his lies.

See through

  • Meaning: Provide support or cooperation to (a person) throughout a period of time
  • Example: And may we all, citizens the world over, see these events through.

See through

  • Meaning: Do something until it is finished
  • Example: Despite her health problems, Madame Prime Minister saw the project through.

See through

  • Meaning: Constitute ample supply for one for
  • Example: Those chocolates should see us through the holiday season.

See to

  • Meaning: Take care of; to effect; to make happen
  • Example: After seeing to the shopping, cleaning and cooking, he finally sat down for some rest.

See to

  • Meaning: Serve or care for
  • Example: Mark, please see to Mrs. Landingham and make sure she has everything she needs.

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Phrasal Verbs with SEE

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