12 Useful Phrasal Verbs with SEND in English

Phrasal verbs with send can be tricky to master, but they are an essential part of English grammar. In this article, we will explore the different phrasal verbs with “send” and how they are used in everyday English.

Common Phrasal Verbs with SEND

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Send away, Send away for Meaning & Examples

Send away

  • Meaning: To ask someone to leave or depart from a particular location or situation
  • Example: The boss will send away the employee who is not following the company rules.

Send away

  • Meaning: To send someone to a particular location or place for an extended period
  • Example: She is currently planning to send away her dog to a training program.

Send away for

  • Meaning: To request or order something by mail or online from a particular business or organization
  • Example: They sent away for a replacement part for their broken appliance.

Send back Meaning & Examples

Send back

  • Meaning: To return or send something back to its original location or sender
  • Example: I had to send back the dress to the store as it did not fit her properly.

Send back

  • Meaning: To evoke or bring to mind a particular memory or experience from the past
  • Example: The old photograph was able to send back memories of her childhood.

Send down Meaning & Examples

Send down

  • Meaning: To dismiss or expel an undergraduate student from a university or college
  • Example: He is worried that his behavior might get him sent down from the university. 

Send down

  • Meaning: To sentence or send someone to a particular prison or correctional facility for a specific period of time
  • Example: The judge had to send down the criminal for his involvement in the robbery.

Send down

  • Meaning: To move a professional baseball player from a higher-level team to a lower-level team
  • Example: The coach sends down the player to the minor leagues due to his poor performance.

Send off, Send out for, Send up Meaning & Examples

Send off

  • Meaning: To send or dispatch someone or something to a particular location or recipient
  • Example: They are going to send off the team with a pep talk before the big game.

Send out for

  • Meaning: To order or request something to be delivered to a particular location
  • Example: They decided to send out for Chinese food instead of cooking dinner.

Send up

  • Meaning:  To mimic or impersonate someone or something in a humorous or satirical manner
  • Example: He loves to send up his colleagues by imitating their mannerisms and quirks.

Send up

  • Meaning: To incarcerate or imprison someone
  • Example: The police sent up the criminal for his involvement in the robbery.

Application of Phrasal Verbs with Send

Phrasal verbs with “send” are commonly used in everyday conversation and formal writing. In this section, we will explore the practical usage of these phrasal verbs and provide some exercises to help you master them.

Practical Usage in Everyday Conversation

Phrasal verbs with “send” are frequently used in everyday conversation. Here are some examples:

  • “I sent back the dress I ordered online because it didn’t fit me well.”
  • “Can you send in your resume to the HR department?”
  • “I need to send off this package before the post office closes.”
  • “I sent out invitations to my birthday party last week.”

These phrasal verbs are often used to describe actions related to sending or returning items, requesting someone’s presence, or dispatching something.

Usage in Formal Writing

Phrasal verbs with “send” can also be used in formal writing. However, it is important to use them appropriately and avoid overusing them. Here are some examples of how they can be used in formal writing:

  • “Please send back the completed form by next Friday.”
  • “We kindly request that you send in your payment by the due date.”
  • “The company decided to send out a press release to announce the new product launch.”

In formal writing, phrasal verbs with “send” are often used to convey specific instructions or requests.

Interactive Exercise 

Here are some exercises to help you practice using phrasal verbs with “send” correctly. The answers are provided at the end of each exercise.

Exercise 1:

Choose the correct phrasal verb to complete the sentences.

  1. Can you ___________ the report to the manager? a. send back b. send in c. send up
  2. I decided to ___________ the shirt I bought online because it was too small. a. send back b. send off c. send in
  3. The company decided to ___________ a press release to announce the new product launch. a. send out b. send in c. send off
  4. The teacher asked the students to ___________ their homework by Friday. a. send in b. send off c. send out
  5. The boss decided to ___________ the employee for his poor performance. a. send up b. send for c. send away

Answers: 1. b, 2. a, 3. a, 4. a, 5. c

Exercise 2:

Rewrite the following sentences using phrasal verbs with “send.”

  1. “Please return the book to the library.”
  2. “Can you ask John to come to the meeting?” 
  3. “I received a letter from my friend last week.” 


  1. “Please send back the book to the library.”
  2. “Can you send for John to come to the meeting?”
  3. “My friend sent me a letter last week.”

By practicing these exercises, you can improve your understanding and usage of phrasal verbs with “send.”

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