Phrasal Verbs with SEND (with Meaning and Examples)

Useful phrasal verbs with SEND in English.

List of useful phrasal verbs with SEND.

Send away

  • Meaning: Dismiss from one’s presence
  • Example: The salesman was taking up too much time with his nonsense, so I sent him away.

Send away

  • Meaning: Send to a particular place for a long time, as a family member, an employee, etc.
  • Example: We are going to send our son away to live with his uncle in America for a year.

Send away for

  • Meaning: Write to a business or other organisation, requesting a thing
  • Example: You can send away for a brochure about this hotel, if you like.

Send back

  • Meaning: Return (something) to its origin
  • Example: I sent the video back to the store, as it was damaged.

Send back

  • Meaning: Remind (someone) of a previous time in the past
  • Example: That song sends me back to the 1970s.

Send down

  • Meaning: Suspend or expel (an undergraduate) from university
  • Example: He was sent down from Oxford for theft.

Send down

  • Meaning: Commit (someone) to a prison term
  • Example: Eventually she was caught, and sent down for twelve years.

Send down

  • Meaning: Demote a player within the levels of professional baseball
  • Example: After performing poorly for the first month of the season, he was sent down to the minor leagues.

Send off

  • Meaning: Send; to dispatch
  • Example: Have you sent off your application yet?

Send out for

  • Meaning: Make an order for something to be delivered, especially takeaway food
  • Example: There’s nothing in the fridge. Let’s send out for pizza.

Send up

  • Meaning: Imitate someone or something for the purpose of satirical humour
  • Example: The programme accurately sends up the British Civil Service system at Whitehall.

Send up

  • Meaning: Put in prison
  • Example: The judge sent him up for three years.

Useful phrasal verbs with SEND.

Phrasal Verbs with SEND

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