A Guide to 25+ Phrasal Verbs with Set

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Phrasal verbs are a crucial aspect of the English language, and mastering them is essential for effective communication. The phrasal verb “set” is a particularly versatile verb that can be used in a variety of ways. In this text, we will delve into the various meanings and uses of phrasal verbs with “set.” We will provide clear explanations and practical examples to help you understand how to use these phrasal verbs correctly and confidently.

List Phrasal Verbs with SET

  • Set about
  • Set aside
  • Set back
  • Set down
  • Set forth
  • Set in
  • Set off
  • Set on
  • Set out
  • Set up
  • Set upon

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Phrasal Verbs with SET

List of frequently used phrasal verbs with SET in English.

Set about, Set aside Meaning & Examples

Set about

  • Meaning: To start or commence a particular task or activity
  • Example: He set about cleaning the house before his guests arrived.

Set about

  • Meaning: To assault or physically attack someone or something
  • Example: The dog was able to set about the intruder who entered the house.

Set aside

  • Meaning: To allocate or reserve something for a particular use or purpose
  • ExampleShe set aside a portion of her income for her retirement savings.

Set back Meaning & Examples

Set back

  • Meaning: To hinder or impede progress or development
  • Example: The heavy traffic was able to set back their plans for the day.

Set back

  • Meaning: To move something away from a particular location or situation
  • Example: He set back from the fire to avoid getting burned.

Set back

  • Meaning: To require or incur a particular expense or cost
  • Example: The repair work on the car was able to set back the owner a significant amount of money.

Set down, Set forth, Set in Meaning & Examples

Set down

  • Meaning: To record or write down information or ideas
  • Example: I always set down my thoughts in a journal.

Set forth

  • Meaning: To embark on a particular journey or expedition
  • Example: They will set forth on their trip next month.

Set in

  • Meaning: To become established or firmly rooted in a particular place or situation
  • Example: The new grass is starting to set in in the lawn.

Set off Meaning & Examples

Set off

  • Meaning: To depart or start a particular journey or trip
  • Example: We set off on our adventure with excitement.

Set off

  • Meaning: To start or initiate a particular action or event
  • Example: The loud noise set off the car alarm.

Set off

  • Meaning: To trigger or activate an explosive device
  • Example: The bomb set off a loud explosion that could be heard for miles.

Set off

  • Meaning: To provoke or incite anger or frustration in someone
  • Example: His comments always set off his boss.

Set off

  • Meaning: To balance or counteract the effects of something
  • Example: The benefits of the new policy set off the costs.

Set on, Set out Meaning & Examples

Set on

  • Meaning: To incite or urge someone or an animal to attack or confront someone else
  • Example: The owner of the guard dog will set it on any intruders who try to break in.

Set out

  • Meaning: To clarify or elucidate a particular concept or idea
  • Example: They set out the rules and regulations for the company in the employee handbook.

Set out

  • Meaning: To depart or leave a particular location or situation
  • Example: They set out on a road trip together last summer.

Set out

  • Meaning: To begin a particular task or activity with the intention of completing it
  • ExampleJane sets out to run five miles every morning.

Set up, Set upon Meaning & Examples

Set up

  • Meaning: To prepare or arrange something for use or operation
  • Example: The chef was setting up the kitchen before the restaurant opened.

Set up

  • Meaning: To organize or arrange something in a logical or coherent manner
  • Example:  He is planning to set up a new business in the coming months.

Set up

  • Meaning: To initiate or bring about a particular event or situation
  • Example: The company will set up a new department to handle customer complaints and feedback.

Set up

  • Meaning: To deceive or trick someone into a particular situation or outcome
  • Example: The police were able to set up a sting operation to catch the criminal.

Set up

  • Meaning: To manipulate or alter a particular situation or outcome for a particular purpose
  • Example: The athlete was accused of setting up the competition by bribing the judges.

Set up

  • Meaning: To solidify or harden a particular substance or material
  • ExampleThe cake was set up in the fridge before being decorated.

Set up

  • Meaning: To provide financial or other support for a particular task or activity
  • Example: He set up a fund to provide financial support for his sister’s education.

Set up

  • Meaning: To establish or create a particular business or position for someone
  • ExampleThe company will set up a new branch in the city to expand its business.

Set up

  • Meaning: To deceive or manipulate someone into performing a particular action or task
  • ExampleThe con artist set up the victim by pretending to be a charity organization.

Set upon

  • Meaning: To assault or physically attack someone
  • ExampleThe dog suddenly set upon the mailman.

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