Phrasal Verbs with SET: Set back, Set off, Set out, Set up…

Phrasal verbs with SET! Learn set about meaning, set aside meaning, set back meaning, get down meaning, set forth meaning, set in meaning, set on meaning, set out meaning, set up meaning with examples and ESL printable worksheets.

Phrasal Verbs with SET

List of frequently used phrasal verbs with SET in English.

Set about, Set aside Meaning & Examples

Set about

  • Meaning: Initiate or begin some action
  • Example: He set about designing his homepage.

Set about

  • Meaning: Attack
  • Example: Two youths set about him.

Set aside

  • Meaning: Separate and reserve something for a specific purpose
  • Example: Plan to set aside three or four hours to see the museum.

Set back Meaning & Examples

Set back

  • Meaning: Delay or obstruct
  • Example: I expect it will set us back by a day or so, but I think a side trip will be worthwhile.

Set back

  • Meaning: Remove from or allow distance
  • Example: Set it back from the road by twenty or thirty feet.

Set back

  • Meaning: Cost money, as
  • Example: How much do you suppose that fancy dress set her back?

Set down, Set forth, Set in Meaning & Examples

Set down

  • Meaning: Write
  • Example: I set down this account so others may benefit from my experience.

Set forth

  • Meaning: Begin a journey or expedition
  • Example: Columbus set forth with three small ships.

Set in

  • Meaning: Take root, become established
  • Example: That was the point at which the rot set in.

Set off Meaning & Examples

Set off

  • Meaning: Leave; to begin a journey or trip
  • Example: He set off in search of better opportunities.

Set off

  • Meaning: Begin; to cause; to initiate
  • Example: I had no idea that one simple comment would set off such a huge argument.

Set off

  • Meaning: Cause to explode, let off
  • Example: What a tragedy, that someone would set off a bomb in a crowded place.

Set off

  • Meaning: Make angry
  • Example: Don’t set him off or he won’t shut up all day.

Set off

  • Meaning: Offset, to compensate for: to reduce the effect of, by having a contrary effect
  • Example: My taxes did not increase because the amount of my raise was set off by my losses in the stock market.

Set on, Set out Meaning & Examples

Set on

  • Meaning: Encourage someone, or an animal, to attack someone
  • Example: I will set the dogs on you, if you don’t leave right now!

Set out

  • Meaning: Explain something, or give exact details, usually in writing
  • Example: This contract sets out all the terms of the agreement as we discussed.

Set out

  • Meaning: Go out, leave
  • Example: Tomorrow we set out for America.

Set out

  • Meaning: Start an activity with the intention of finishing it
  • Example: Many young people set out to change the world.

Set up, Set upon Meaning & Examples

Set up

  • Meaning: Ready something for use
  • Example: We set up the sprinkler.

Set up

  • Meaning: Logically order
  • Example: Set up my CD collection.

Set up

  • Meaning: Cause to happen
  • Example: Even a minor change can set up new bugs.

Set up

  • Meaning: Trap or ensnare
  • Example: I’ve got to set up that tasty rabbit.

Set up

  • Meaning: Arrange for an outcome; to tamper or rig
  • Example: The election was set up!

Set up

  • Meaning: Gel or harden
  • Example: Give the cement 24 hours to set up before walking on it.

Set up

  • Meaning: Provide the money or other support that someone needs for an important task or activity
  • Example: A good breakfast really sets you up for the day.

Set up

  • Meaning: Establish someone in a business or position
  • Example: She set herself up as an interior designer.

Set up

  • Meaning: Trick someone in order to make them do something
  • Example: They claimed that they weren’t selling drugs, but that they’d been set up by the police.

Set upon

  • Meaning: Attack someone
  • Example: I was set upon by a couple of young thugs.

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