Mastering 14+ Phrasal Verbs with THROW

Phrasal verbs with “throw” are commonly used in English. They are a combination of a verb and a particle, and they have a different meaning from the original verb. Learning phrasal verbs with “throw” is important for English learners who want to improve their communication skills. In this article, we will explore some of the most common phrasal verbs with “throw” and provide examples of how to use them in everyday conversation.

Common Phrasal Verbs with THROW

phrasal verbs with THROW

List of useful phrasal verbs with Throw in English:

Throw away, Throw down Meaning & Examples

Throw away

  • Meaning: To get rid of something by disposing of it
  • Example: She threw away the broken vase.

Throw away

  • Meaning: To use something carelessly or recklessly
  • Example: He throws away his career by making a single mistake.

Throw down

  • Meaning: To drop or let go of something forcefully or with great impact
  • Example: The angry customer throws down his coffee cup on the counter and demands a refund.

Throw in, Throw off Meaning & Examples

Throw in

  • Meaning: To include or provide something extra at no additional cost
  • Example: The store throws in a free gift with the purchase of the product.

Throw off

  • Meaning: To confuse or mislead someone, often with the intent of avoiding detection or pursuit
  • Example: The sudden change in plans throws off her schedule.

Throw off

  • Meaning: To introduce mistakes or inaccuracies
  • Example: The faulty equipment throws off the measurements.

Throw on, Throw out Meaning & Examples

Throw on

  • Meaning: To put on clothing quickly or without much effort
  • ExampleThey always throw on their running shoes before going for a jog.

Throw out

  • Meaning: To get rid of something by disposing of it
  • ExampleHe had to throw out the old newspapers that were piling up in his room.

Throw out

  • Meaning: To remove or expel someone from a particular situation or responsibility
  • Example The coach might throw out the player for breaking the rules.

Throw out

  • Meaning: To propose or suggest an idea or concept for review or consideration
  • Example: Let me throw out an idea for the project.

Throw out

  • Meaning: To create or produce something in a careless or random manner
  • Example: The artist likes to throw out some sketches before starting a new painting.

Throw up Meaning & Examples

Throw up

  • Meaning: To vomit, often indicating a sense of illness or discomfort
  • Example: She feels sick and might throw up.

Throw up

  • Meaning: To create or develop something new or unexpected
  • Example: The inventor threw up a new design for the machine.

Throw up

  • Meaning: To cause something to rise or be expelled into the air
  • Example: The strong wind can throw up sand from the beach.

Practical Applications of Throw Phrasal Verbs

As we have seen, there are many phrasal verbs with “throw” that can be used in a variety of contexts. In this section, we will explore some practical applications of these phrasal verbs in different situations.

Everyday Conversations

Phrasal verbs with “throw” are commonly used in everyday conversations. For example, we might say “I threw away the old magazines” or “She threw up after eating the bad sushi.” These phrasal verbs are useful for describing actions related to throwing or discarding items, as well as for discussing physical reactions like vomiting.

Literary Contexts

In literature, phrasal verbs with “throw” can be used to create vivid imagery and convey emotion. For example, in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” the character Ophelia says “Lord, we know what we are, but not what we may be,” which is a metaphorical use of the phrasal verb “throw off.” This use of the phrasal verb helps to convey Ophelia’s sense of confusion and uncertainty.

Professional Communications

Phrasal verbs with “throw” can also be used in professional communications, such as business emails or presentations. For example, we might say “We need to throw out the old inventory in order to make room for new products” or “Let’s throw in a free trial for our new service to entice more customers.” These phrasal verbs are useful for discussing actions related to discarding or adding items, as well as for making persuasive arguments.

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Phrasal Verbs with THROW

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