Phrasal Verbs with WALK (with Meaning and Examples)

Learn common phrasal verbs with WALK in English.

List of useful phrasal verbs with WALK with pictures.

Walk away

  • Meaning: Withdraw from a problematic situation
  • Example: Company lawyers told him to walk away from the deal.

Walk away

  • Meaning: Survive a challenging or dangerous situation without harm
  • Example: The football team walked away with a 1-0 victory.

Walk away from

  • Meaning: Abandon or leave; to shun
  • Example: He decided to walk away from his job after expressing much dissatisfaction with his boss.

Walk in on

  • Meaning: Enter suddenly or unexpectedly while something is happening; to intrude or interrupt by entering
  • Example: He accidentally walked in on me while I was undressing.

Walk into

  • Meaning: Collide with
  • Example: Mind you don’t walk into that wall.

Walk into

  • Meaning: Fall into (a trap), especially one that could have been avoided with more care
  • Example: You really walked into that one, didn’t you?

Walk it off

  • Meaning: Recover from (a minor injury) or digest (a large meal) by walking around
  • Example: It doesn’t feel too bad. Let me walk it off.

Walk out

  • Meaning: Go out with; to be romantically involved
  • Example: The maidservant has been walking out with the butcher’s man.

Useful phrasal verbs with WALK.

Phrasal Verbs with WALK

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