18 Useful Phrasal Verbs with WORK (with Meaning and Examples)

Useful phrasal verbs with WORK with their meaning and examples in English.

Useful Phrasal Verbs with WORK

List of Phrasal Verbs with WORK

Work on

  • Meaning: Shape, form or improve something
  • Example: John’s in the studio working on the plans for the new house.

Work on

  • Meaning: Exercise influence on someone
  • Example: Leave it to me. I’ll try to work on the boss to give us the day off.

Work out

  • Meaning: Calculate
  • Example: Can you work out how to get to the university by car?

Work out

  • Meaning: Make sense of
  • Example: I can’t work these instructions out.

Work out

  • Meaning: Smooth
  • Example: This is a beta version; we’re still working out the kinks.

Work out

  • Meaning: Conclude with the correct solution
  • Example: These figures just don’t work out.

Work out

  • Meaning: Succeed
  • Example: Are you still seeing John? – No, it didn’t work out.

Work out

  • Meaning: Habitually exercise rigorously, especially by lifting weights, in order to increase strength or muscle mass or maintain fitness
  • Example: Wow, you’re looking good! Do you work out?

Work out

  • Meaning: Used other than as an idiom: see work,‎ out
  • Example: He works out of a small office shared with three others.

Work over

  • Meaning: Improve a prototype, or first draft
  • Example: The estimated figures are not bad, but somebody will have to work them over.

Work over

  • Meaning: Physically attack in order to cause injury
  • Example: He’ll talk, once we work him over.

Work sb out

  • Meaning: Understand sb’s behaviour or nature
  • Example: He’s so good in fact it seems virtually no one has worked him out.

Work smt off

  • Meaning: Get rid of unpleasant feelings by doing physical activity
  • Example: He works off nervousness by knitting.

Work sth out

  • Meaning: Understand sth by thinking about it
  • Example: I can’t work him out.

Work sth out

  • Meaning: Solve a problem or issue
  • Example: It makes sense to get the taxman to work the figure out.

Work through

  • Meaning: Deal with, resolve a problem, often emotional
  • Example: He needs to work through some of the guilt he’s feeling.

Work up

  • Meaning: Raise; to excite; to stir up
  • Example: He worked up the public’s passions to rage.

Work up

  • Meaning: Develop
  • Example: I shall have worked up an appetite with all this heavy work.

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phrasal verbs with WORK

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Phrasal Verbs with WORK

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