“Pied” Meaning: Do You Know What this Slang Term Means?

Last Updated on March 19, 2021

Slang are spoken words or phrases used informally by particular groups of people. Most slang has not earned a spot in the dictionary and some may be listed with their official definition which could be misleading. The word “pied” is one of those slang words that have an official definition but used differently in informal contexts.

“Pied” Meaning

What Does “Pied” Mean?

Pied is a slang word that means “ignored.” In this context, it is referred to as an act of disregarding someone intentionally or refusing to acknowledge someone’s presence. The slang term can also mean “rejected.” This is commonly used when someone received a rejection, especially from the opposite sex.

Origin of “Pied”

Pied – “Ignored”

It was in the 1890s when the Vaudeville Slapstick Routine was introduced in theatrical productions. The routine involved throwing a pie in the victim’s face. From this routine, the slang “pied” developed to describe someone who needs to cover his or her face with a pie after being ignored.

Pied – “Rejected”

The slang “pied” originated from a medieval German legend. It was based on a character called “Pied Piper.” The fictional character gained popularity through an 1842 poem by Robert Browning. According to legend, a pied piper is a person who is easy to pursue but may not have the best intentions in the end. It refers to an individual who can attract attention without great effort but does not aim for any good or positive outcome. A pied piper does not care about his follower’s wellbeing, comfort, or happiness. The term has traveled through time from medieval German legend through the modern era. You will most likely hear the slang term on television, especially in the T.V. show “Love Island.”

When to Use “Pied”?

It is a term used when you got purposefully ignored by someone after attempting contact through text, online, or in person. If you attempt to interact with someone and you nod or wave but he or she ignores you, then chances are, you just got pied. Another example is if you sent a message to someone online and you can see that the recipient has seen your message but does not care to respond. It can also be used when someone entices you only to leave you hanging after getting your full attention or just rejects you in the end.

Examples Using “Pied”?

Examples in Statements:

  • “I smiled and waved at her but she just pied me.”
  • “It was really important for me to get his views on the matter but he just pied me on messenger.”
  • “She is beautiful but it’s her habit to seduce men only to get them pied.”

Conversation Examples:

Example 1

  • Ava: “I don’t like that new girl because I think she pied me last week.”
  • Billy: “What do you mean?”
  • Ava: “I was trying to be friendly because she’s new in town. I smiled and waved at her when I saw her on the street but she just ignored me. “
  • Billy: “Oh! Maybe it was not done on purpose. That girl is nearsighted.”

Example 2

  • Aaron: “I notice that you’re not eating in the diner anymore.”
  • Ben: “I’m not going back there because that waitress I’m courting has pied me.”

“Pied” Meaning | Infographic

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