PLEB Meaning: What Does PLEB Mean? with Useful Examples

What does PLEB mean? Are you searching for the meaning of this text acronym? Learn the definition and how to use this internet slang word with ESL picture and useful text conversations in English.

PLEB Meaning

This slang term is the shortened version of the word, plebeian. The definition of plebeian meaning a lower-class person from Rome translates into today’s culture as an individual of low class.

Pop culture uses the term to mean someone who has done something idiotic without interest. A generic nearly boring person soon becomes a ‘pleb’ to the rest of the world. The common personality or basic ideas of a person make them a perfect example of the term ‘pleb’.

Origin of PLEB

Pop culture’s slang use of ‘pleb’ seems to have originated in the world of Ancient Rome. The Romans used the term to differentiate between the upper-class elite society and lower-class people. The term moved through history with an English adaptation from the Latin term for commoners in the year 1590. It continued to rise through the years with the 70s use as a way to describe someone with bad taste. Social media took ahold of the term and it has risen to greatest use in all of history.

Conversation Examples

Ways you will use this online abbreviation.

Example 1:

  • Texter 1: Hey do you want to go get some lunch?
  • Texter 2: Sure.
  • Texter 1: Do you want me to come get you or want to just meet me there?
  • Texter 2: Can you come get me, but I’m not home.
  • Texter 1: ???
  • Texter 2: I’m at Alice’s house.
  • Texter 1: No way, I’m not coming to that plebs house.
  • Texter 1: Drive yourself and don’t bring her.

Here you have a couple friends talking and one is happy, but gets upset when a friend says they are at another house. The one friend finds the person to be poor and not worthy of hanging out with them.

Example 2:

  • Guy 1: Hey man wanna go to the movies later?
  • Guy 2: Sure.
  • Guy 1: Grab the tickets on your way home and I’ll catch you later.
  • Guy 2: Sorry dude, can you front me the cash?
  • Guy 1: Come’on man I promise I will pay you back this time.
  • Guy 2: No way dude, really you pleb you still owe me from last time if anything you should get mine or at least buy the popcorn.

Now a couple of guys wanting to go to the movies and one friend tries to get his buddy to get him a ticket and yet the buddy knows if he does he will never get paid back.

PLEB Meaning Infographic


Last Updated on March 20, 2020

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