Pomp and Circumstance: What Is the Meaning of this Useful Idiom?

There are numerous instances in which one might hear the use of the term Pomp and circumstance in the English language, but what does this saying mean? We are going to answer this question as well as taking a look at where the term came from in the first place. We will also take a look at some examples of the phrase being used in conversation in order to better understand it’s the function.

Pomp and Circumstance

Pomp and Circumstance Meaning

The term Pomp and circumstance refers to the grandeur or flamboyance of a ceremony or situation. For example, a very formal ceremony which featured traditional elements and was seen to be very fancy would be said to have all the pomp and circumstance.

Origin of this term

The idiom Pomp and circumstance finds its origins in the classical music written by Edward Elgar of the same name. The music is often played at graduation ceremonies in America.

“Pomp and Circumstance” Examples

Examples in Statements

If you are curious to see how the term Pomp and circumstance would look in a sentence, here are some examples to show this.

The first is a statement being made in a news report.

  • The ceremony went off without a hitch and it featured all the pomp and circumstance that you might expect.

This next statement is being made by a student.

  • I have my graduation ceremony this week, I expect it will be full of pomp and circumstance.

Conversation Examples

There are many times in which you might hear the term Pomp and circumstance used in a conversation, we are now going to look at some examples of this.

The first conversation is happening between a husband and wife.

  • Person 1: “Are we going to the awards ceremony this week?”
  • Person 1: “Yes we are, but it is going to be very fancy.”
  • Person 2: “All the usual pomp and circumstance of that type of event then.”

The next conversation is taking place between two students.

  • Person 1: “Are we expected to be very formal at the graduation?”
  • Person 2: “Yes, it is very formal, full of pomp and circumstance and you will be expected to behave in a decent manner.”

Other examples:

  • The princess got married with great pomp and circumstance.
  • After two hours of pomp and circumstance, the diplomas were awarded and the audience went wild.
  • The queen was welcomed with great pomp and circumstance.
  • The people responsible for pomp and circumstance recognize this.

Other Ways to Say the Idiom

There are many other ways in which you might refer to pomp and circumstance using different wording.

Let’s take a look at some other things you could say in its place.

  • Great fanfare
  • Formal ceremony

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