POS Meaning: What Does “Pos” Mean and Stand for?

What does “POS” stand for in texting and social media? It’s a phrase that is often used in movies, shows and real life, but are you aware of its history and meaning? Perhaps you’ve heard an angry driver yell it out a window to another driver during a fit of road rage and wondered just what kind of slang this phrase stands for. Maybe you even want to try using it yourself in the right context!

POS Meaning

What Does “POS” Mean?

“Pos” is a slang acronym for “piece of sh*t.” It’s usually used in moments of anger, frustration or disbelief at someone or something. It can be used both as a noun, such as calling an object a “pos,” or as an adjective to describe something or someone as a “pos.” An object that is a “pos” is of poor quality, and a person that is described as a “pos” is typically a terrible, mean individual.

Origin and Context of “POS”

The term “sh*t,” in which the phrase originates from, derives from Old English as used in Scotland and England during the Middle Ages. The original term was used to describe fecal matter, but throughout the centuries, it morphed into an insult, describing something of terrible quality or a terrible person. “A piece of” was added to the phrase with Modern English and is now used commonly in several English-speaking countries.

When to Use POS

You can use this phrase when you are angry, or you want to describe something or someone who you believe is terrible or of bad quality. For instance, if you cross paths with a bad driver, you may want to call them a “pos,” or if your car is stalling on you, you can call it a real “pos.”

Dialogues Using POS in Conversations, Texting, Social Posts


  • Friend 1: “My phone keeps freezing. It’s such a POS.”
  • Friend 2: “Yeah, you should probably upgrade to a new one soon.”


  • My car is such a pos!
  • I found out he was lying to be about how he used my money — he is such a pos.


  • Driver A: Hey! Watch where you’re going!
  • Driver B: No, YOU watch where you’re going, you pos!
  • Friend A: Wow, your car looks kind of old. Does it still work well?
  • Friend B: Not at all. It’s really old and works like a pos.

More About POS Terminology

Other Words to Use Instead of POS

here are several terms and slang expressions closely related to POS, which include:

  • Waste: Describing something or someone as a waste implies that they are useless, unproductive, or of no value.
  • Loser: This term is used to disparage someone who is perceived as socially inept or unsuccessful.
  • Trash: Similar to POS, calling something or someone trash conveys a deep level of disdain and is considered offensive.
  • Crap: Another word for expressing disappointment, dissatisfaction, or low quality, although it is slightly less offensive than POS.
  • Garbage: Often used to describe faulty or poor-quality items.
  • Junk: Similar to garbage, used to describe items of low quality or usefulness.
  • A way to describe someone other than a “POS” is to say that they “suck” or that they are “a piece of crap.”
  • Another way to describe something as a “pos” is to say it is “crappy” or “pathetic.”

It’s crucial to remember that when using slang, the context and tone of voice in which these terms are employed significantly impact their meaning and how they might be received by others. So, exercise caution and strive for respectful language whenever possible.

Other Meanings of POS

Apart from the slang meaning, “Piece of Sh*t,” the acronym POS has several other meanings which hold importance in various contexts. A few of these meanings are:

Parent Over Shoulder: In online chatting, POS is used as a warning to others when a parent is nearby, suggesting caution in what is being discussed.

Point Of Sale: In business and retail, this is a term for the place where a customer makes a purchase, such as a cash register or an online checkout system.

Point Of Service: Commonly used in the healthcare sector, it refers to a type of insurance plan that allows patients to choose out-of-network care providers, often at a higher cost.

Though these meanings differ from the slang term, it’s essential to be aware of them to avoid confusion when communicating with others in various contexts.

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POS Meaning

Frequently Asked Questions

What does POS mean in texting?

In texting, POS usually stands for “Piece of Sh*t” and is commonly used to express frustration, anger, or disappointment towards a person or situation. It can also mean “Parent Over Shoulder,” which is used to warn friends that a parent is monitoring their messages.

How does POS relate to a person?

When used to describe a person, POS refers to someone being a “Piece of Sh*t.” It implies that the individual has done something unacceptable, unethical, or reprehensible and is generally held in low regard.

What is a POS machine?

A POS machine, also known as a Point of Sale machine, is an electronic device used by businesses to process transactions, usually involving the sale of goods or services. It’s not related to the slang term “Piece of Sh*t.”

What is the meaning of POS on TikTok?

On TikTok, POS may have various meanings depending on the context. It can still mean “Piece of Sh*t” if used in a negative context. However, another possible meaning is “/pos,” which is used as a tone indicator to express that a statement is meant positively or sincerely.

What does POS signify in gaming?

In gaming, POS has different meanings depending on the game and context. It can still refer to “Piece of Sh*t” if used to express frustration or disappointment. However, in some games, it might also represent a “Point of Spawn” or a location where players begin or respawn within a game area.