Positive Words that Start with Q (Adjectives, Verbs, Nouns)

Positive words are a fantastic way to reinforce positivity! They can help you reach your goals, impress your peers, or just focus a little better on the bright side of things. If you’re questioning the possibility of finding positive words that start with Q, look no further! This list is sorted into different parts of speech, and each section is alphabetized. Additionally, each word includes a definition and maybe a bit of an explanation.

The letter Q is quite the quirky one. Most words that start with Q actually start with qu. However, there are exceptions! For example, qi is one of the shortest words allowed in Scrabble, and it’s one of the highest-scoring two-letter words in that game. There aren’t as many positive words that start with Q as there are positive words for some letters, but you might be surprised at the quality of the ones we’ve corralled.

Positive Words that Start with Q

List of Positive Words that Start with Q


  • Quaint
  • Quality
  • Quick
  • Quiescent
  • Quintessential
  • Quirky
  • Quite
  • Quixotic


  • Quadruple
  • Qualify
  • Quantify
  • Quarantine
  • Quench
  • Query


  • Quantity
  • Quest
  • Quiet
  • Quip
  • Quirk

Positive Adjectives that Start with Q

Adjectives are words that describe people, places, and things. Positive adjectives can certainly help your sentences feel quite a bit more positive!

Quaint – Old-fashioned charm.

  • Grandma lives in a quaint old cottage.

Quality – Very good, well put-together, skilled.

  • Quality is better than quantity.

Quick – Fast, speedy, or without delay. Also means smart, as in quick-witted.

  • His words came out in quick succession.

Quiescent – Calm, quiet, still. Usually used to describe a person or a person’s mind.

  • This is a quiescent Southern seaside town.

Quintessential – The representation or essence of a thing, generally necessary for that thing to be who or what it is.

  • He was the quintessential tough guy.

Quite – Very, really, truly, wholly.

  • I am quite unqualified to talk on this subject.

Quixotic – Extravagantly romantic, usually with a bit of an unusual flair.

  • This ended in a quixotic campaign for statehood.

Positive Verbs that Start with Q

Verbs are action words. They tell what is being done in a sentence. When your verb is positive, your sentence is really doing something positive!

Quadruple – To make four times the amount of something. Positive if you quadruple something positive!

  • We expect to quadruple our profits this year.

Qualify – To meet requirements or expectations for a job, position, or role.

  • I won’t qualify until next year.

Quantify – To measure or count; to put into numerical terms.

  • The risks to health are impossible to quantify.

Quarantine – To keep contagion separate in order to keep others healthy.

  • The dog was kept in quarantine for six months.

Quench – To relieve thirst, whether literal thirst or figurative. Also, to extinguish.

  • He has to quench his desire for wealth.

Query – To ask a question, usually in a non-threatening way. Very positive if you’re unsure of anything!

  • query whether he can be trusted.

Positive Nouns that Start with Q

Nouns are words for people, places, and things. Making sure your nouns are positive means making sure that your sentence is focused on positive things!

Quantity – Amount. Also often used to refer to a large but inexact amount.

  • I prefer quality to quantity.

Quest – A search, usually an adventurous or noble one. Often used to refer to things in the past or to exaggerate current searches or goals.

  • She had come in quest of advice.

Quiet – A lack of noise. Silence. Can also mean calm and restorative.

  • He was a quiet, shy man.

Quip – A witty retort or remark. Usually short and often quite sassy.

  • He ended his speech with a merry quip.

Quirk – Something that marks a person or thing unusual. Often used in a positive manner.

  • He had a strange quirk of addressing his wife as Mrs Smith.

It’s quite the quest to find positive words that start with Q, but hopefully, you’ve found what you’re looking for! Return any time you would like to review this list.

Positive Words that Start with Q | Infographic

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