Possessive Pronouns: What is a Possessive Pronoun? List & Examples

Possessive Pronoun! What is a possessive pronoun? Learn Possessive Pronoun definition and useful list of Possessive Pronouns in English with example sentences and ESL picture.

What Is A Possessive Pronoun?

In the English language, a possessive pronoun is a pronoun that is used to indicate possession or ownership. 

Possessive pronoun list:

  • mine
  • yours (singular)
  • his
  • hers
  • ours
  • yours (plural)
  • theirs

Possessive pronoun examples:

  • This is my laptop. It’s mine.
  • These books are mine, not yours.
  • This is my brother ‘s book. It’s his.
  • He offered to swap his camera for hers.
  • I’ll show you to your room. Ours is next door.
  • The ship is theirs.

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