PP Meaning: The Definition of PP and How to Use It Correctly?

The acronym “PP” can stand for a vast number of phrases. Here you will find the official meaning of the phrase that the acronym represents and some information regarding its origin if available. You will also find some alternative meanings that are popularly used as well, and some example conversations showcasing the phrase and its correct usage. Finally, you will see some alternative words and phrases that you can use in place of the acronym “PP” in the official sense of the meaning and what it represents.

PP Meaning

What Does PP Mean?

The official meaning of the acronym “PP” represents the phrase “personal problem.” A “personal problem” is described as a situation that someone refuses to make anyone else’s problem except that of the person experiencing it.

Origin of PP

There is no specific origin information available regarding the first usage of the phrase “personal problem” or the acronym “PP.” The phrase has been used regularly, however, for a pretty long time as an everyday part of the conversation and one can deduce that with the introduction and popularity of communicating online and via text message, the phrase was shortened to this acronym to make it easier, quicker, and more convenient to type.

Other Meanings

There are numerous other meanings of the acronym “PP” and there are way too many to mention them all here. The most popular optional meaning uses “PP” as a term, rather than an acronym. The term “PP” is said to be a child’s word for his penis. “PP” as an acronym can also stand for “Parcel Post,” “Profile Picture,” “Per Person,” “PowerPoint,” and “Peer to Peer.” This is just a small handful of what this term represents.

Example Conversations

A text discussion between two sisters.

  • Sister 1: I need you to cover for me so I can sneak out.
  • Sister 2: No way! Last time I did that, we both got grounded.
  • Sister 1: Please! I promised John that I would meet him and mom won’t let me out!
  • Sister 2: Sounds like a PP! Figure it out, but don’t involve me in it!

An online discussion between two Facebook users.

  • User 1: I can’t find anyone who seems to agree with me.
  • User 2: You know what that sounds like, don’t you?
  • User 1: No, what?
  • User 2: A PP!

Alternatives to “PP”

There are several alternative words or phrases that you could use in place of the acronym “PP.” Some of the alternative words or phrases you could use include:

  • personal business
  • private matter
  • personal issue

PP Meaning Infographic

The Meaning of PP and How to Use It Correctly?Pin

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2 years ago

This is completely incorrect. PP means p***s in a laughable way.

1 year ago
Reply to  Daniel

no it does not boy I’m bigger than you how old are you

1 year ago

yeah pp refers to a ding dong

8 inch cat
8 inch cat
5 months ago
Reply to  jeffy

it mean pineis dum dum not that i give – for dum dum ness

1 year ago


8 inch cat
8 inch cat
5 months ago

pp mean pp how u not know r u dum mc smooth brain dum dum or what ppl

8 inch cat
8 inch cat
5 months ago
Reply to  8 inch cat

it is obious pp why u even ask

PP means p*nis
PP means p*nis
1 month ago

This is a joke, right?

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