Verb + In: 10+ Common Combinations with IN

Combinations with IN are a fundamental concept in the English language. They are preposition combinations that are used to indicate a relationship between two or more things. These combinations are used in a variety of contexts, from expressing time and location to indicating emotions and feelings.

List of Combinations with IN

  • Arrive in
  • Absorb in
  • Be engrossed in
  • Believe in
  • Confide in
  • Implicate in
  • Involve in
  • Participate in
  • Result in
  • Specialize in
  • Succeed in
  • Trust in

Common Combinations with IN 

Combinations with INPin

Combinations with In with Example Sentences

Arrive in

  • Meaning: To reach or enter a particular location or destination.
  • Example: I arrived in New York City yesterday and I’m excited to explore.

Absorb in

  • Meaning: To fully engage or immerse oneself in a particular activity or experience.
  • Example: She was so absorbed in her book that she didn’t notice the time passing.

Be engrossed in

  • Meaning: To be completely absorbed or focused on a particular task, activity, or thought.
  • Example: He was engrossed in the movie and didn’t hear his phone ringing.

Believe in

  • Meaning: To have faith or confidence in the existence or truth of something.
  • Example: I believe in the power of education to change lives.

Confide in

  • Meaning:  To trust and share personal information or feelings with someone.
  • Example: She confided in her best friend about her personal problems.

Implicate in

  • Meaning: To involve or suggest someone’s involvement in a particular action or situation, often implying guilt or wrongdoing.
  • Example: The evidence implicates him in the crime and he may face charges.

Involve in

  • Meaning: To include or require someone or something in a particular situation or activity.
  • Example: We need to involve more people in the project to ensure its success.

Participate in

  • Meaning: To take part or join in a particular activity or event.
  • Example: I’m going to participate in the charity walk to raise money for cancer research.

Result in

  • Meaning: To cause or produce a particular outcome or consequence.
  • Example: The lack of communication resulted in confusion and delays.

Specialize in

  • Meaning:  To focus or concentrate on a particular area or field of study or work.
  • Example: The company specializes in creating eco-friendly products.

Succeed in

  • Meaning: To achieve or accomplish a particular goal or objective.
  • Example: She worked hard and was able to succeed in her career.

Trust in

  • Meaning:  To have confidence or faith in someone or something.
  • Example: I trust in my family and friends to support me during difficult times.

Practice and Exercises

Fill in the blank

  1. He’s planning to ___________ Paris next month for vacation.

Answer: Arrive in

  1. She likes to ___________ a good book and forget about the world around her.

Answer: Absorb in

  1. He was ___________ his work and didn’t notice the time passing by.

Answer: Engrossed in

  1. She strongly ___________ the power of positive thinking and visualization.

Answer: Believes in

  1. She decided to ___________ her best friend about her personal problems.

Answer: Confide in

  1. He was ___________ the crime and had to go to court.

Answer: Implicated in

  1. She wants to ___________ more community service and give back to the society.

Answer: Involve in

  1. He decided to ___________ the marathon next month to raise money for charity.

Answer: Participate in

  1. The new policy ___________ a decrease in sales for the company.

Answer: Result in

  1. She decided to ___________ in oncology and help cancer patients.

Answer: Specialize in

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