Verb + In: 10+ Common Combinations with IN

Verb + In Combinations! List of common verb preposition combinations with in with ESL picture and example sentences in English.

Big list of 120+ useful verb preposition collocations in English.

Verb + In Collocation Examples

List of Combinations with IN

  • Arrive in
  • Absorb in
  • Be engrossed in
  • Believe in
  • Confide in
  • Implicate in
  • Involve in
  • Participate in
  • Result in
  • Specialize in
  • Succeed in
  • Trust in

Combinations with In with Example Sentences

Arrive in

  • The entire group arrived in force.

Absorb in

  • She seemed totally absorbed in her book.

Be engrossed in

  • She was engrossed in conversation.

Believe in

  • John believes in oat bran.

Confide in

  • She’s nice, but I don’t feel I can confide in her.

Implicate in

  • Three police officers are implicated in the cover-up.

Involve in

  • Please don’t involve me in this mess.

Participate in

  • You should participate in this training course.

Result in

  • I hope that this will result in the police finding your car.

Specialize in

  • I specialize in tropical medicine.

Succeed in

  • John succeeded in getting a new job.

Trust in

  • Can I trust in the figures in this report?

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