Verb + With: 25 Common Combinations with WITH

Combinations with WITH can be a powerful tool in programming and mathematics. It allows for the creation of complex combinations and permutations that can be used in a variety of applications. Whether you are working with data analysis, cryptography, or simply trying to solve a math problem, combinations with WITH can help you find the solution you need.

List of Combinations with WITH

  • Acquaint with
  • Agree with
  • Associate with
  • Charge with
  • Clutter with
  • Coincide with
  • Collide with
  • Compare with
  • Comply with
  • Confront with
  • Confuse with
  • Cover with
  • Cram with
  • Deal with
  • Differ with
  • Discuss with
  • Help with
  • Ingratiate oneself with
  • Meet with
  • Pack with
  • Plead with
  • Provide with
  • Speak with
  • Talk with
  • Tamper with
  • Trust with

Common Combinations with WITH 

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Combinations with With with Example Sentences

Acquaint with

  • Meaning: To introduce or familiarize someone with a person, place, or thing.
  • Example: I would like to acquaint you with my new colleague.

Agree with

  • Meaning:  To be in harmony or conformity with someone or something.
  • Example: I agree with her proposal to reduce plastic waste.

Associate with

  • Meaning: To be connected or linked with someone or something, usually in a social or professional context.
  • Example: He’s been known to associate with some questionable characters.

Charge with

  • Meaning: To accuse or assign responsibility for a crime or wrongdoing.
  • Example: He was charged with theft and sentenced to prison.

Clutter with

  • Meaning: To fill or cover a space with unnecessary or disorderly objects or things.
  • Example: Her desk was cluttered with papers and books.

Coincide with

  • Meaning: To occur at the same time or place as something else.
  • Example: The festival coincides with the start of the summer season.

Collide with

  • Meaning: To crash or come into contact with something or someone.
  • Example: The car collided with a tree and was severely damaged.

Compare with

  • Meaning: To examine or evaluate the similarities and differences between two or more things.
  • Example: Can you compare this product with the one we used last year?

Comply with

  • Meaning: To conform or adhere to a rule, law, or request.
  • Example: It’s important to comply with safety regulations in the workplace.

Confront with

  • Meaning: To face or challenge someone or something directly.
  • Example: He was confronted with evidence of his wrongdoing.

Confuse with

  • Meaning: To mix up or mistake someone or something for another person or thing.
  • Example: I sometimes confuse her with her twin sister.

Cover with

  • Meaning: To place a layer or coating of something over something else.
  • Example: The ground was covered with a blanket of snow.

Cram with

  • Meaning: To fill or pack a space or container tightly with something.
  • Example: The suitcase was crammed with clothes and souvenirs.

Deal with

  • Meaning: To handle or manage a situation or problem.
  • Example: We need to deal with the issue of rising crime rates in the city.

Differ with

  • Meaning: To have a disagreement or contrast in opinion or belief with someone or something.
  • Example: I differ with her opinion on the matter.

Discuss with

  • Meaning: To talk or converse with someone about a particular topic or issue.
  • Example: I need to discuss the project with my team before making a decision.

Help with

  • Meaning: To assist or provide aid to someone in completing a task or achieving a goal.
  • Example: Can you help me with this heavy box?

Ingratiate oneself with

  • Meaning:  To try to win favor or approval from someone by flattery or pleasing behavior.
  • Example: She tried to ingratiate herself with the boss to get a promotion.

Meet with

  • Meaning:  To have a meeting or encounter with someone or something.
  • Example: I’m going to meet with my financial advisor to discuss my investments.

Pack with

  • Meaning: To fill or stuff a container or space with something.
  • Example: The concert was packed with fans of the band.

Plead with

  • Meaning: To make an earnest or emotional appeal to someone for something.
  • Example: She pleaded with him to reconsider his decision.

Provide with

  • Meaning:  To supply or furnish someone with something they need or want.
  • Example: The company will provide us with the necessary equipment for the job.

Speak with

  • Meaning: To have a conversation or dialogue with someone.
  • Example: I need to speak with the manager about my concerns.

Talk with

  • Meaning: To have a casual or informal conversation with someone.
  • Example: He likes to talk with his friends about sports and politics.

Tamper with

  • Meaning: To interfere or meddle with something in a way that is unauthorized or harmful.
  • Example: It’s illegal to tamper with evidence in a criminal case.

Trust with

  • Meaning: To have confidence in someone to handle or take care of something important or valuable.
  • Example: I trust her with my personal information and secrets.

Practice and Exercises

Fill in the blank

  1. She decided to ___________ her new colleague to get to know her better. 

Answer: Acquaint with

  1. He finally ___________ his boss on the new project proposal.

Answer: Agree with

  1. She doesn’t like to ___________ people who have negative attitudes.

Answer: Associate with

  1. He was ___________ theft and had to go to court.

Answer: Charged with

  1. The room was ___________ and needed to be cleaned.

Answer: Cluttered with

  1. His birthday ___________ the start of the new school year.

Answer: Coincided with

  1. He accidentally ___________ another car while driving.

Answer: Collided with

  1. She decided to ___________ the prices of different products before making a purchase.

Answer: Compare with

  1. The company needs to ___________ regulations and laws to operate legally.

Answer: Comply with

  1. She had to ___________ her fears and confront her boss about the issue.

Answer: Confront with

List of Verbs & Preposition Collocations 

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