Prepositions after Verbs: 25 Common Combinations with WITH

Learn frequently used Prepositions after Verbs – the preposition WITH

Acquaint with

  • I acquainted Mary with French cuisine.

Agree with

  • He always agrees with my opinion.

Associate with

  • Susan associates chocolate with childhood.

Charge with

  • The officer charged Mr. Smith with blackmail.

Clutter with

  • The room was cluttered with paper.

Coincide with

  • My birthday coincides with a national holiday.

Collide with

  • The car collided with a truck and blocked traffic.

Compare with

  • These mountains do not compare with the Himalayas.

Comply with

  • He complies with each and every order.

Useful Prepositions after Verbs – the Preposition WITH

Prepositions after Verbs: 25 Common Combinations with WITH

Confront with

  • I confronted Vivian with the evidence.

Confuse with

  • I’m afraid I confused you with someone else.

Cover with

  • She covered her face with her hands.

Cram with

  • My closed is crammed with dirty clothes!

Deal with

  • I can’t deal with so much overtime.

Discuss with

  • I’d like to discuss our next conference with the boss.

Help with

  • I helped the committee with the problem.

Ingratiate oneself with

  • Ingratiate yourself with the headmaster and your life with be easy!

Meet with

  • The congressman met with strong opposition to his plan.

Pack with

  • Peter packed his case with extra brochures.

Plead with

  • He plead with his teacher to give him one more chance.

Provide with

  • Jane provided herself with just enough food to get through the weekend.

Speak with

  • Can I speak with you for a minute?

Talk with

  • We looked around the school and talked with the principal.

Tamper with

  • Do not tamper with this equipment.

Trust with

  • I trust Bob with all of my financial information.

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