Prepositions of Time IN – ON – AT | Rules and Examples

Learn useful rules for using Prepositions of Time AT – IN – ON correctly with examples.

In order to describe time, the prepositions inon, and at go from GENERAL to SPECIFIC.

Prepositions of Time IN – ON – AT

Prepositions of Time: IN

Native speakers use the preposition IN to refer to a general, longer period of time.

In + Parts of the day


In the morning

In the afternoon

In the evening

In + Months


In January

In February

In December

In + Seasons


In (the) spring

In (the) summer

In (the) fall/autumn

In (the) winter

In + Years


In 1980

In 1968

In + Decades


In the 1960s

In the seventies

In + Centuries


In the 15th century

In the 21st century

In + Weeks


In a week

In 2 weeks

In + Periods of time


In the past

In the next century

In the future

In the 10 years time

In the middle ages

In a few minutes

In a moment

In an hour

In 3 hours

In six months

In a year

In + Holidays


In the Easter holiday

Prepositions of Time: IN | Picture

Prepositions of Time IN – ON – AT | Rules and Examples 2

Prepositions of Time: ON

Moving to more specific periods of time, the preposition ON is used.

On + Days


On Monday

On Thursday

On Sunday

On + Dates


On April 3rd 

On 1st January 2013

On the 10th

On the first day

On the last day

On + Holidays with “day”


On New Year’s day

On Christmas day

On Easter day

On + Specific days


On my birthday

On holiday

On my wedding day

On that day

On + Day + Part of day


On Sunday morning(s)

On Friday afternoon(s)

On Monday evening(s)

On + Time


On the weekend (U.S.)

On weekdays

On time

On a summer evening

On a cold day

On my lunch break

Prepositions of Time: ON | Picture

Prepositions of Time IN – ON – AT | Rules and Examples

Prepositions of Time: AT

English speakers use the preposition AT for the most specific times.

At + Hours


At 7 am

At 12 o’clock

At 5 pm

At + Parts of the day


At night

At noon/ midday

At midnight

At bedtime

At lunch time

At dinner time

At dinner 

At lunch 

At sunrise/sunset

At dawn

At + Holidays without “day”


At Easter

At Christmas

At New Year

At + Time


At present

At the weekend (U.K)

At breakfast

At the moment

At this moment

At the same time

At that time

Prepositions of Time: AT | Picture

Prepositions of Time IN – ON – AT | Rules and Examples 3

Prepositions of Time IN – ON – AT | Video

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