Prepositions of Time: Definition, List and Useful Examples

Prepositions of Time! A preposition can provide us with information on the relationship between two words within a sentence, one such relationship is the time that something is occurring. For example, ‘the party had ended before the clock struck 12.’ This shows when something happened and allows us to understand what is being talked about more clearly.
In this section, we are going to show you a detailed list of prepositions of time which will add to your vocabulary as well as giving yo the ability to create more detailed sentences and sound more fluent.

Prepositions of Time

Learn a useful list of prepositions of time in English with example sentences, video and ESL printable worksheets.

What is a Preposition of Time?

A preposition of time is a preposition that allows you to discuss a specific time period.

Preposition of time examples:

  • On Monday
  • On a cold day
  • At night
  • At the moment
  • In January
  • In the past

List of Prepositions of Time with Examples

Learn prepositions of time list with useful grammar rules and example sentences.


Used when something happens within the time something else is happening


We stayed at a student hostel during the conference.


We use for with a period of time.

I’m just going to bed for two hours or so.

Until/ Till

Until/ till means up to a certain time

We’ll wait till/ until half past six for you.


Refers back to a point in time when something began.

The factory has been here since the 1970s.


We use from…to to show when something starts and finishes.

Her visit will extend from Monday to Thursday.


We use ago to refer to how far back in time something happened

He left the house over an hour ago.


We use before to refer to any time previous to a specific point in time


She’s always up before dawn.


We use by when we want to say “not later than”.


He had promised to be back by five o’clock.


We use after when we want to say “later in time than“.


I felt fairly relaxed after taking the medicine.


We use to in telling the time, when we refer to the number of minutes before the hour.


It’s a quarter to two.

We can use to with the meaning of “until” when we are talking about time.


It’s just three days to Halloween.


Refers to the amount of time past the hour


It’s five past ten.


We use between … and to talk about time that separates two points.


The team have a lot of work to do between now and Sunday.


Refers to a span of time during which something may occur.


You should receive a reply within seven days.

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Prepositions of Time IN ON AT

In order to describe time, the prepositions inon, and at go from GENERAL to SPECIFIC.

Prepositions of Time: IN

Native speakers use the preposition IN to refer to a general, longer period of time.

In + Parts of the day


In the morning

In the afternoon

In the evening

In + Months


In January

In February

In December

In + Seasons


In (the) spring

In (the) summer

In (the) fall/autumn

In (the) winter

In + Years


In 1980

In 1968

In + Decades


In the 1960s

In the seventies

In + Centuries


In the 15th century

In the 21st century

In + Weeks


In a week

In 2 weeks

In + Periods of time


In the past

In the next century

In the future

In the 10 years time

In the middle ages

In a few minutes

In a moment

In an hour

In 3 hours

In six months

In a year

In + Holidays


In the Easter holiday

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Prepositions of Time: ON

Moving to more specific periods of time, the preposition ON is used.

On + Days


On Monday

On Thursday

On Sunday

On + Dates


On April 3rd 

On 1st January 2013

On the 10th

On the first day

On the last day

On + Holidays with “day”


On New Year’s day

On Christmas day

On Easter day

On + Specific days


On my birthday

On holiday

On my wedding day

On that day

On + Day + Part of day


On Sunday morning(s)

On Friday afternoon(s)

On Monday evening(s)

On + Time


On the weekend (U.S.)

On weekdays

On time

On a summer evening

On a cold day

On my lunch break

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Prepositions of Time: AT

English speakers use the preposition AT for the most specific times.

At + Hours


At 7 am

At 12 o’clock

At 5 pm

At + Parts of the day


At night

At noon/ midday

At midnight

At bedtime

At lunch time

At dinner time

At dinner 

At lunch 

At sunrise/sunset

At dawn

At + Holidays without “day”


At Easter

At Christmas

At New Year

At + Time


At present

At the weekend (U.K)

At breakfast

At the moment

At this moment

At the same time

At that time

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Prepositions of Time (IN ON AT) Video

Prepositions of Time (IN ON AT) Images

Prepositions of Time IN ON ATPin

Prepositions of Time IN ON ATPin

Prepositions of Time IN ON ATPin

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