Verb + About: 14 Common Combinations with ABOUT

Combinations with “about” are a common feature of the English language. These combinations are formed by joining a verb with the preposition “about” to create a new meaning. For example, the verb “argue” can be combined with “about” to create the phrase “argue about,” which means to have a disagreement or debate on a particular topic.

List of Combinations with ABOUT

  • Ask about
  • Argue about
  • Be about
  • Boast about
  • Care about
  • Be concerned about
  • Decide about
  • Dream about
  • Forget about
  • Know about
  • Laugh about
  • Protest about
  • Think about
  • Worry about

Common Combinations with ABOUT | Image

Common Combinations with ABOUT

Combinations with About with Example Sentences

Ask about

  • Meaning: To inquire or request information about something.
  • Example: He asked about the schedule for the day to plan his activities.

Argue about

  • Meaning: To disagree or have a dispute with someone over a particular topic or issue.
  • Example: The politicians argued about the policy during the debate.

Be about

  • Meaning: To refer to or concern a particular topic or subject.
  • Example: The play was about a family drama.

Boast about

  • Meaning: To talk with excessive pride or self-satisfaction about one’s achievements, possessions, or abilities.
  • Example: He boasted about his achievements during the interview and got the job.

Care about

  • Meaning: To have concern or interest in something or someone.
  • Example: I don’t care about material possessions and value experiences more.

Be concerned about

  • Meaning: To feel worried or anxious about something.
  • Example: He was concerned about his health and went to the doctor for a check-up.

Decide about

  • Meaning: To make a choice or come to a conclusion about something.
  • Example: The team decided about the strategy for the game and won.

Dream about

  • Meaning: To have thoughts, images, or sensations in the mind during sleep.
  • Example: They frequently dream about winning the lottery.

Forget about

  • Meaning: To fail to remember or consider something.
  • Example: She wishes to forget about her ex and find new love.

Know about

  • Meaning: To have information or knowledge about something.
  • Example: The teacher knows about the strengths and weaknesses of each student and provides personalized guidance.

Laugh about

  • Meaning: To express amusement or joy through laughter.
  • Example: They frequently laugh about their childhood memories and share stories.

Protest about

  • Meaning: To express strong disapproval or objection to something publicly.
  • Example: The workers protest about the low wages and unsafe working conditions.

Think about

  • Meaning: To consider or reflect on something in the mind.
  • Example: They claim they don’t think about the future, as they live in the moment.

Worry about

  • Meaning: To feel anxious or concerned about something.
  • Example: The parents worry about their children’s education and future.

Practice and Exercises

Fill in the blank

  1. He decided to ___________ the job offer before accepting it.

Answer: Ask about

  1. They always seem to ___________ the same thing and can never agree. Answer:

Answer: Argue about

  1. The book is ___________ a young girl who discovers a magical world. Answer:

Answer: Be about

  1. He loves to ___________ his accomplishments and achievements to his friends.

Answer: Boast about

  1. She only ___________ her grades and doesn’t care about anything else.

Answer: Care about

  1. She’s ___________ the impact of climate change on the planet.

Answer: Be concerned about

  1. He needs to ___________ which university to attend next year.

Answer: Decide about

  1. She often ___________ becoming a famous actress one day.

Answer: Dream about

  1. He tends to ___________ important deadlines and appointments.

Answer: Forget about

  1. She has a lot of ___________ the latest news and current events.

Answer: Know about

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