Purple Heart | What Does Purple Heart Emoji Mean?

Last Updated on December 16, 2023

What does the purple heart emoji mean? Scrolling through my social media account feeds, this emoji pops up almost constantly. Together with a well-thought-out caption here, a hashtag there, an Instagram story there, sprinklings of this emoji inundate me. This heart hued in purple, the purple heart emoji. Why do I see it? Why is it somehow replacing the good old red heart? Does the new color lend new meaning to the shape? Is using the red heart emoji obsolete? Am I missing something?

Key Takeaways

  • We use the purple heart emoji to express affection, admiration, and support.
  • We must consider the context to understand its true implication in communication.
  • We should be cautious of potential confusion with its military and cultural associations.

Purple Heart Meaning

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What Does Purple Heart Emoji Mean?

Well, for starters, what does this little emoji mean anyway? Different sources cite various meanings. According to Dictionary, the purple heart emoji is commonly used to represent love, support, close bonds, and admiration for all things purple. Emojis states that the purple heart emoji represents the vibrant rhythm of life, compassion, and understanding. Perhaps the most shocking is the one from Cosmopolitan.com which insinuates that the purple heart emoji’s meaning is, wait for it… shameless booty calling. What?

Accordingly, due to Ty Dolla Sign’s “Purple Emoji”, it is now considered a horny emoji and that interpretation is now canon. On the other hand, this emoji could also represent honor of sacrifice when use in relation to the military award, the Purple Heart. Urban Dictionary cites forever love and connection to the wildly popular South Korean boyband, BTS as a top definition for the purple heart. Emojipedia corroborates this and states that the purple heart is the third most popular heart on Twitter and it’s all thanks to BTS.

Origin of Purple Heart Emoji

This emoji was first introduced in October 2010 in Unicode 6.0. In August 2015, it was added to Emoji 1.0. In mobile devices, the purple heart emoji was added for the first time on iOS 5.0, Android 4.3, EmojiOne 1.0. Since then, the use of this emoji has steadily risen.

Other Meanings of Purple Heart

Apart from conveying love and affection, the purple heart carries specific meanings in different communities:

  • In K-pop fandom, particularly among the fans of BTS known as “Army,” it signifies passionate admiration.
  • It’s used to show compassion and understanding, celebrating life’s vibrant rhythms.

We see the purple heart is not just a simple emoticon. It’s a complex symbol that holds a spectrum of sentiment and historical reverence.

Commonly Confused Terms with Purple Heart

Purple Heart vs. Red Heart

  • Red Heart: Expresses deep affection, such as true love, passion, or romance. It is often used to show love to close friends, family, or significant others.
  • Purple Heart: Typically signifies alternative forms of love like close bonds, loyalty, and admiration, but can also reflect a sense of enthusiasm and support for things like sports teams.

Purple Heart vs. Blue Heart

  • Blue Heart: Represents a form of love that is calm and supportive. It is commonly used to signify trust, harmony, peace, and loyalty.
  • Purple Heart: More associated with a sense of compassionate love or honor and is often used to show support, respect, or admiration.

Purple Heart vs. White Heart

  • White Heart: Symbolizes purity, innocence, and new beginnings. This heart can also reflect sympathy or support for positive causes.
  • Purple Heart: Often conveys a strong sense of love and affection, potentially with an air of mystery, and can be used to show empathy or solidarity.

Purple Heart Examples

We often see the “Purple Heart” emoji carrying a range of emotions and sentiments in various forms of communication. Below we’ll explore specific examples to understand how the “Purple Heart” is used.

In Conversations

In Person:

  • Person 1: “Thank you for your service, Dad. πŸ’œ This Purple Heart medal is a testament to your bravery.”
  • Person 2: “I’m proud to have served. It means a lot to me.”

Over the Phone: 

  • Person 1: “Hey, just wanted to let you know Mom sent you a πŸ’œ heart-shaped balloon to show her love on your birthday.”
  • Person 2: “That’s so sweet of her! Tell her I love it and I’m sending a big thank you her way!”

In Texting and Social Posts

  • “He confessed his love! OMG! β€‹πŸ’œβ€‹πŸ€—β€‹”
  • “#LGBTQ Love! β€‹β€β€‹πŸ§‘β€‹πŸ’›β€‹πŸ’šβ€‹πŸ’™β€‹πŸ’œβ€‹β€‹πŸ€β€‹πŸ€Ž”​
  • “Presentation of πŸ’œ Purple Medals to the brave heroes!”
  • “I absolutely love this purple dress! πŸ’œ”
  • “Call me πŸ’œ”
  • “#BUTTER #ARMYπŸ’œ #BTS”

Other Examples

  • Support for Causes: On Purple Day, people use the emoji πŸ’œ online to increase epilepsy awareness.
  • Fandom: BTS fans often post πŸ’œ to show their love for the band.

Purple heart emoji looks quite similar across all platforms but there are minute differences on each depending on the creator’s own corporate style and vision.

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When to Use the Purple Heart Emoji?

Since this emoji has a wide range of connotations, with other meanings in actual extremes (Cosmo!), there are quite many instances where we can use it. BTS fans can use this as a way to show support and love to the boys. Thinking of a perfect caption for that perfect purple shoes? Add this emoji. Together with the rainbow heart, this can be handy when you want to express support for the gay community. Want to show your respect to our beloved military veterans awarded with the Purple Heart medal? This purple heart is perfect. Or if you want to follow Ty Dolla Sign’s lead, send this to someone you want to get it on with.

More about Purple Heart Terminology

Related Terms Purple Heart

The purple heart emoji is often used alone or with other colored heart emojis. About 79.5% of its usage on Twitter is shared with the ❀ red heart emoji. Aside from the other colored heart emojis, according to Emojipedia, the purple heart emoji is commonly used with the crying face emoji, βœ¨ sparkles emoji, hearty face emoji, prayer hands emoji, and the butterfly emoji among others.

Synonyms to Purple Heart

  • Adoration: Emphasizes the affectionate and respectful nature of the Purple Heart.
  • Loyalty: Reflects the commitment and fidelity aspects represented by the Purple Heart.
  • Love: A common denominator across various uses, showcasing a form of deep affection.
  • Military: Connotes honor, especially used regarding US veterans.
  • Support: Indicates unwavering support and solidarity.
  • Admiration: Often used to convey deep respect and high esteem.

Antonyms to Purple Heart

  • Disdain: Opposes the Purple Heart’s connotation of respect and admiration.
  • Antipathy: Contradicts the supportive and loving undertones of the Purple Heart.


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