Question Words: Useful Wh Questions Rules & Examples

Question Words! Learn useful list of Question Words (Wh questions and How questions) with useful grammar rules, example sentences, video and ESL printable worksheets.

List of Question Words

We use question words in English to form questions and ask for information. 

Wh Questions List with Examples

Learn list of Wh Questions in English with functions and example sentences.

Who Questions

  • Ask about person
  • Act as subject of the sentence
  • Example:

Who is that woman?

Whom Questions

  • Ask about person
  • Act as the object of the sentence
  • Example:

Whom did you see?

Whose Questions

  • Asking about ownership
  • Example:

Whose are these keys?

Where Questions

  • Asking in or at what place or position
  • Examples:

Where do you live?

Where are my boots?

When Questions

  • Asking about time, occasion, moment
  • Examples:

When did you last see him?

When can I see you?

Why Questions

  • Asking for a reason, explanation
  • Examples:

Why were you late?

Why was he late?

Why don’t

  • Making a suggestion
  • Example:

Why don’t you take a nap?

What Questions

  • Asking for a specific thing, object
  • Examples:

What‘s the matter?

What time is it?

What kind of music do you like?


  • Asking for a reason, asking why
  • Example:

What did you do that for?

Which Questions

  • Asking about choice
  • Examples:

Which is better exercise – swimming or tennis?

Which of the applicants has got the job?

How Questions

How questions is used for asking for a way, manner, form


How does it work?

How do you go to school?

List of how questions in English with rules and examples.

How much Questions

How much are those earrings?

How many Questions

  • Asking about quantity
  • Used with countable nouns
  • Example:

How many people were there?

How often Questions

How often do you go swimming?

How far Questions

  • Asking about distance
  • Example:

How far is it from your house to your school?

How old Questions

  • Asking about age
  • Example:

How old are you?

Question Words in English | Picture

Wh Questions & How Questions Rules & Examples – Image 1

Question Words in English

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