Radass Meaning: Learn the Definition of the Awesome Slang Term “Radass”

“Radass” might sound like a word from the 70s, but it is actually a much more recent term. If you have seen or heard this phrase used in conversation and are stuck trying to figure out the meaning, then stop right here!

Not only will you find the meaning of this slang term here, but you will find some information on its origin, possible other meanings if there are any, and some example conversations. As your reading draws to a close, you will be left with some alternative words or phrases that you can use as a substitution for the acronym and still convey the same meaning.

Radass Meaning

What Does Radass Mean?

The slang term “radass” is used as a descriptive expression and is said when someone thinks that someone or something is awesome.

Origin of Radass

The origin of the slang term “radass” seems to come from two other slang words combined together. The first is a word from the 70s which is “rad.” “Rad” is a shortened slang term for the word “radical” which means excellent. The second word the term was derived from is “badass” meaning exceptional. The term “radass” is hard to track down regarding its exact first known usage, but most agree that it occurred sometime in the early 2000s.

Other Meanings

There are no other known meanings of the slang term “radass.”

Example Conversations

A text conversation between two friends.

  • Friend 1: Have you ever watched the show “The Masked Singer“?
  • Friend 2: Yes! I watch it every week! That show is radass!

An online conversation between two Facebook users.

  • User 1: I love the new profile picture you have!
  • User 2: Thanks it was from my trip to Ireland! That trip was radass! I got so many good pictures and it was hard to choose just one.

Alternatives to “Radass”

There are several words or phrases that you could use to replace “radass” during conversation and still convey the same meaning. Some of the alternatives you could use include:

  • Awesome
  • Radical
  • Badass

Radass Meaning Infographic