How to Write a Resignation Letter (With an Expert Guide & Sample)

Quitting is a part of the employment. Once you get hired, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to a particular job for a lifetime. We don’t care why you want to resign. If you think that there’s a necessity to do it – then do it.

Even so, the employer hired you professionally. So when you quit, you should professionally do it too. Don’t suddenly stop going to work without notice. This will disrupt the workflow and leave a bad impression on your employment record.

Your employer will appreciate it if you give prior notice before resigning. That’s why you need to learn how to write a resignation letter. With this discussion, you will learn what it is and how to make it.

The Resignation Letter

What Is A Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter is a formal document that notifies your intention to abandon your post and leave an employer for good. Handing in a resignation letter is the first step of the application process. Human resource managers attach this document to your employment papers, which the company keeps.

Implemented laws don’t require you to hand a resignation letter. However, since company by-laws require it, writing and handing it out before resigning is a must. Not handing out a resignation letter isn’t punishable by law. Nevertheless, it’s a company decorum that you should follow.

Regular and contractual employees need to submit this document to their supervisor before quitting. On the other hand, those employed on a seasonal or daily basis don’t need to furnish a resignation letter.

Resignation Letter Format/Outline

There’s no golden rule in making a resignation letter. If you’ve made other types of letters before, you won’t have trouble crafting it. We won’t restrict you to one style only. But remember to include all of these:

  • A header
  • Your personal information
  • Your supervisor’s or employer’s information
  • A greeting phrase
  • Letter body (states why you’ll resign, when you’ll resign, and what you learned while working for the company)
  • Closing phrase

As you might have noticed, we colored the specific texts talking about each element that makes up a resignation letter format. There’s a sample resignation letter at the end of this article with colored parts corresponding to the above bullet.

Guide To Write A Resignation Letter

Let’s talk about how to format it first. A resignation letter is best written in Arial or Times New Roman. Header font size should be 16 or 18. The rest of the texts should be on 12 or 14. Also, remember to section or separate each part of the resignation letter with double space

Your personal information goes after the header and should be written left-justified. Under personal information is your supervisor’s or employer’s information, which should be right justified. Beneath this is the greeting phrase, which the letter body follows.

The letter body shouldn’t be full of gibberish, the more direct, the better. Only state what needs to be said regarding the circumstances of your plan to resign. We recommend that you limit the letter body to one or three paragraphs, consisting of three to four sentences only.

So what should the tone be? Write your letter in an optimistic business formal tone. There’s room for passive sentences. However, they should only comprise 20% – 30% of the whole letter. Avoid using slang and contractions (e.g, isn’t, weren’t, haven’t, aren’t, it’s, etc. )

Since it’s optimistic, avoid voicing out your personal whims against the company. Be neutral and upbeat. Here are examples of statements that a resignation letter should never have.

  • I am quitting this company because I feel that it doesn’t provide room for improvement and pursuance of better opportunities.”
  • “I found a better company with nicer co-workers and work environment.”
  • “This company limits my way of thinking and gets in the way of me fully utilizing my full potential as a model employee.”

Sample of a Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter

Peter Parsons

Content Creation Specialist

La Bermuda Content Management Agency

Chris Pink


Human Resource Head

La Bermuda Content Management Agency

A humble good morning to our esteemed supervisor,

La Bermuda has been an integral part of my career as a content creation specialist. It helped me attend numerous writing seminars to improve my writing style and tone, sent me on numerous enjoyable trips. and provided me with a work environment filled with respectable workers and state-of-the-art work equipment.

As much as I want to continue working, a better opportunity is now waiting for me. Letting it pass might be one of the biggest regrets in my life. For this reason, I am expressing my desire to stop working as a content creation specialist for La Bermuda. I am thinking of resigning by the end of this month, June 29,( XXXX).

Until my resignation is approved, please expect me to continue devoting my skills and time to the company. At the same time, I am hoping for my resignation to be approved and be processed quickly.

May La Bermuda prosper more in the years to come.


Peter Parsons

Hope We Helped!

The above example finished our discussion regarding a resignation letter. Feel free to model your own based on it. You may try other styles too. But remember that the content and tone of your resignation letter shouldn’t stray away from what we provided here.

The Resignation Letter | Image

The Resignation Letter

Sample of a Resignation Letter

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