Round Robin: What Is the Meaning of the Helpful Phrase “Round Robin”?

There may have been a time in which you have heard someone use the term round robin in a conversation, but what does this saying mean and where did it originally come from? We are going to look at the answers to these questions as well as looking at how the phrase can be used in a day to day conversation.

Round Robin

Round Robin Meaning

The idiomatic saying round robin refers to an agreement or petition which is signed by multiple people in order that the ring leader is not discovered.

Origin of this idiomatic expression

The term round robin originates from a naval history when seamen would sign this type of document and gave it the name round robin. The term comes from the French rond rouban, which was a petition of a similar style where the names were written on a piece of ribbon.

“Round Robin” Examples

Examples in Statements

There may be many different scenarios in which the term round robin might be heard, we are now going to look at some examples of this.

The first statement is from a history lesson.

  • The peasants signed a round robin in order that they would not anger the king.

The next statement is being made in the workplace.

  • Perhaps the staff ought to sign a round robin so that the boss doesn’t know it’s you who had this idea.

Conversation Examples

The term round robin can be heard in various different conversational situations. Let’s take a look at some examples of conversations in which the phrase might be found.

The first conversation is taking place between two employees.

  • Person 1: “I think we need to petition against the longer hours.”
  • Person 2: “I think those in charge would hold the ring leader accountable to any productivity loss.”
  • Person 1: “If we sign a round robin, they won’t know who to blame.”

The next conversation is happening between two friends.

  • Person 1: “Everyone wants to go to the movies for Ellen’s birthday but John wants to go and play golf.”
  • Person 2: “Well, he is outvoted.”
  • Person 1: “He won’t accept being told by just one of us.”
  • Person 2: “Then we will write to him and sign a round robin to show we stand united.”

Other Ways to Say “Round Robin”

There are other ways in which you could say the phrase round robin, here are some examples of this.

  • Rond rouban
  • Circular petition

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Round Robin