RUN Synonym: List of 10 Synonyms for RUN in English 1

RUN Synonym: List of 10 Synonyms for RUN in English

Run Synonym! List of 10 useful synonyms for run with examples and ESL image. Learn these run synonyms to enrich your vocabulary in English and improve your writing skills.

Run Synonym

Synonyms for Run

  • Dash
  • Scamper
  • Scurry
  • Dart
  • Zoom
  • Rush
  • Hasten
  • Speed
  • Hurry
  • Go/go jogging

Run Synonyms with Example Sentences


  • Meaning: To go somewhere very quickly
  • Example: He made frantic dash for the departing train.


  • Meaning: To move quickly with short light steps
  • Example: She loves to scamper through the woods.


  • Meaning: To run with quick short steps
  • Example: The rats scurry around, searching for scraps of food in the rubbish.


  • Meaning: To move suddenly and quickly in a particular direction
  • Example: I watch him dart into stores in his gleaming leather shoes.


  • Meaning: To move or go somewhere very fast
  • Example: Anna spends her time zooming around the city.


  • Meaning: To move or to do something with great speed, often too fast
  • Example: We’ll rush it round today if poss.


  • Meaning: To go or move somewhere quickly
  • Example: They hastened back to New York.


  • Meaning: To move along quickly
  • Example:  We’ll never get there if he doesn’t speed up.


  • Meaning: To move quickly in a particular direction
  • Example: Hurry up or we’ll miss the train.

Go/go jogging

  • Meaning: To move or travel from one place to another
  • Example: I have to go to Thailand on business.

RUN Synonyms in English | Image

RUN Synonym

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