What Does ‘Sapiosexual’ Mean in Texting and Online Slang?

What does Sapiosexual mean? If you are reading this post, then it is quite possible you came across this internet slang term when you visited an online dating site. This term is commonly found on dating profiles to describe someone’s sexual orientation. Sapiosexual being referred to as a sexual orientation is often debated since this refers to a preferred feature opposed to a preferred gender.

It is most prevalent on dating apps and only came into play in the 21st century. The prefix sapio- is derived from Latin sapiens meaning wise and adding sexual. Here you will find the term broken down to understand further.

Sapiosexual Meaning

What Does Sapiosexual Mean?

The meaning of this slang term can be used as an adjective meaning that there is a finding of being sexually aroused by a mind or wisdom. If this slang term is used in the noun sense, then it simply means a person who is sexually aroused by intelligence.


  1. (finding of) sexually aroused by a mind or wisdom


  1. A person who is sexually aroused by intelligence

Conversation Examples

Conversation between friends

  • Friend 1: I have discovered a lot on these online dating sites that I have used.
  • Friend 2: Oh, yah? What’s that?
  • Friend 1: That most pretentious people are sapiosexual.

Conversation Between Friends

  • Friend 1: So, I found out the real reason that John goes to Mensa meetings.
  • Friend 2: Ooh, why does he go there?
  • Friend 1: Because he said he is a sapiosexual and it’s the perfect place for him to meet others.

Example Sentences


  • Through my dating experience, I have found that most pretentious people are sapiosexual.


  • I heard that John goes to Mensa meetings because he said he is a sapiosexual.

Related Terms

There are a few related terms to refer to the variations of sapiosexual.

  • Spectophile – a person who has a sexual attraction to someone wearing glasses
  • Sapiohedonistic – a person who is attracted to intelligence and living to please themselves
  • Sapiosexuality – The act of becoming sexually aroused to intelligence
  • Sapioarousal – Refers to the type of arousal targeted towards an intellectual mind
  • Sapioheterosexual -Attraction to the intellect of a person of the opposite sex
  • Sapiogasm -An orgasm that is achieved through stimulating intellect or mind
  • Sapioromantic -Only wanting a romantic relationship with someone that fits their description of intelligence
  • Sapiophile -A person that is fond of or attracted to wise or intelligent individuals.

Sapiosexual Meaning Infographic

What does 'Sapiosexual' Mean in Texting and Online Slang?