100 Most Common SAT Words | Useful SAT Vocabulary

Vocabulary words are so important and beneficial for everyday use as well as for the SAT. Don’t you want to sound educated when you speak? All that prep you learn throughout your days in school will help you do well on the SAT. Below you will see 100 of the most common SAT words and their meaning.

SAT Words

1. Abate

To lessen

2. Aberration

Different from normal

3. Abhor

To hate something passionately

4. Abstain

To not do something

5. Adversity


6. Aesthetic

Appreciation for good taste and beautiful things

7. Amicable


8. Anachronistic

Chronologically out of order

9. Anecdote 

A short account of a story

10. Antagonist

Against the protagonist

11. Arid

Very dry like a climate in Arizona

12. Asylum

A shelter from a hardship

13. Benevolent


14. Brazen


15. Brusque


16. Camaraderie


17. Capacious

Large and spacious

18. Censure

Harsh criticism and disapproval

19. Clairvoyant

Sensing things that will happen

20. Collaboration

Working with others

21. Compassion


22. Compromise

To come to an agreement that is in the middle

23. Condescending

Talk down to someone

24. Conformist

A follower

25. Congregation

Coming together/ assembling

26. Deleterious

Harming to living things

27. Demagogue

A leader that appeals to people through passions

28. Diligent

Quietly preserving in details

29. Disdain

Strongly disliking

30. Divergent

Moving away in different directions

31. Converge

To come together

32. Demur

Object to

33. Diligent


34. Empathy

Understanding and feeling other peoples feelings

35. Emulate

Trying to match by intimidation

36. Enervating


37. Enhance

To increase or make better

38. Ephemeral

Temporary, fleeting, short-lived

39. Exasperation

Actions that make you very irritated

40. Florid

Elaborately or excessively ornamented

41. Foment

To stir up

42. Fortuitous


43. Frugal

Thrifty or avoiding waste

44. Hackneyed

Repeated over and over again

45. Haughty


46. Hedonist

Living through pleasure, usually always seeking sexual pleasure

47. Hypothesis

An insight that has not yet been tested

48. Impetuous

Characterized by a lack of thought

49. Impute

To assign to someone

50. Incompatible

Not in harmony

51. Inevitable

Incapable of being prevented

52. Intuitive

Naturally believing or thinking something based on an inner knowing

53. Inversion

Reversal or upside down

54. Jubilation

To be very happy and full of joy and excitement

55. Lament

To mourn

56. Lobbyist

Someone who is employed to persuade how legislators vote

57. Longevity

Living for a long time

58. Melodramatic

Very dramatic and exaggerated

59. Mundane


60. Nonchalant

Indifferent or unconcerned

61. Novel

New or innovative

62. Novice

New to a field or activity

63. Nuance

Settle difference

64. Null


65. Opulent


66. Orator

Someone who delivers a speech

67. Ostentatious

Intended to impress other people

68. Parched

Very thirsty from excessive heat

69. Perfidious


70. Pragmatic


71. Precocious

Exceptionally early development

72. Pretentious

Putting yourself on a pedestool

73. Procrastinate

To postpone what you should be doing

74. Prosaic

Lacking imagination and wit

75. Prudent

Sound judgment

76. Querulous

Always arguing

77. Rancorous

Unpleasant and hateful

78. Reclusive


79. Reconciliation

The reestablishment of cordial relations

80. Renovation

Improving and renewing

81. Reverence

Deep respect from someone or something

82. Sagacity


83. Scorn

To look at with disdain

84. Scrutinize

To examine carefully

85. Spurious

Not true, fake

86. Submissive

Giving into wishes or orders from others

87. Superficial


88. Suppress

To put down or hold down from a force of authority

89. Surreptitious

Believing in things like magic

90. Tactful

Sensing what is considerate when dealing with other people

91. Tenacious

Stubbornly unyielding

92. Transient

Lasting for a short period

93. Treacherous

Dangerous and unstable

94. Unveil

To make visible

95. Urge

Desire or impulse to do something or say something

96. Venerable


97. Vindicate

To justify a belief

98. Warrant

Prove to be reasonable

99. Wary

Watchful prudence

100. Yield

To produce or supply

This is just a list of a few of the most important SAT words! Study up.

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100 Most Common SAT Words

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