School Building: School Rooms and Places in English

School Rooms and Places! Learn school buildings and places with example sentences and pictures to improve and expand your school vocabulary in English. If you are at school, especially in an English speaking country, you may need to ask for help to find your way around. In this case, you will need to be able to effectively communicate the names of the various buildings that can be found on a school site.

This vocabulary can also come is useful when talking about your school and describing activities that have taken place there, by being able to describe the exact location of these activities.

In this section, you will be learning the English names for the different school buildings.

School Building

School buildings include the schoolyard, the Principal’s office, the classroom, the music room…

List of School Rooms and Places

  • The schoolyard
  • The Principal’s office
  • The classroom
  • The music room
  • The art room
  • The computer room
  • The library
  • The lockers
  • The pool
  • The baseball field
  • The playground
  • The toilet

School Building: School Rooms and Places in English

School Building Names with Examples and Pictures

The schoolyard

The children are at play in the schoolyard.

The Principal’s office

There is an important meeting at the Principal’s office.

The classroom

The classroom was full of activity; every child was busy.

The music room

The music room had been made to reflect and deepen sounds.

The art room

I was particularly impressed by the art room in this school.

The computer room

Don’t drink or eat in the computer room.

The library

There are different categories of books in the library.

The lockers

Please do not leave money or valuables in the lockers.

The pool

The children were splashing about in the pool.

The baseball field

They came to the baseball field to root for their school team.

The playground

All the students ran about on the playground.

The toilet

I need to go to the toilet.

School Rooms and Places in English | Image

School Building: School Rooms and Places in English

School Vocabulary

Learn school vocabulary words with images and examples.

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