School Subjects: List of Subjects in School with Pictures

Subjects in School! Learn school subjects in English with examples and images to improve and enlarge your vocabulary words in English, particularly school vocabulary. Whether you are still in school or have finished and wish to talk about the subjects that studied whilst there, the most important thing you will need to know is how to say the names of school subjects in the English language.

This is super important in situations where you might be applying for a job and the prospective employer wishes to know what subjects you studied. It is also great vocabulary for talking about the subjects that you are currently studying or perhaps which ones you enjoy and which ones you dislike.

School Subjects

English Subjects are areas of knowledge that students study at a school or university, such as math, music, art, physical education…

List of Subjects in School

  • Maths (U.K) – Math (U.S)
  • Art
  • English
  • Music
  • History
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Information technology
  • Biology
  • Drama
  • Swimming
  • Physical education

List of English Subjects in School with Pictures

School Subjects: List of Subjects in School with Pictures

School Subjects Names with Pictures and Examples

Maths (U.K) – Math (U.S)

No one can parallel him in mathsmath.


I’m really into art.


Our English teacher quizzed us yesterday morning.


I tried to learn music but I didn’t have my heart in it.


John is good at French but weak at history.


How can we make science lessons more interesting?


She got very high marks in her geography exam.

Information technology

My favourite subject is information technology.


Biology is sometimes quite hard to understand.


Her drama teacher is confident Julie is a star in the making.


Swimming is my favourite subject.

Physical education

Karen taught physical education, so she was in good shape.


School Subjects in English | Image

School Subjects: List of Subjects in School with Pictures

School Vocabulary

Learn school vocabulary words with images and examples.

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