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A comprehensive list of scrabble words in English! This article is for fans of what is broadly acknowledged to be the wordgame with the greatest scope for developing and using a varied vocabulary: yes, we’re diving into the pool of Scrabble words!

We explore the game itself, cover some of the most valuable words, and provide useful tips. So grab your tiles, get comfortable, and let’s begin!

What Is Scrabble?

Enjoyed by millions of people around the world for generations, Scrabble is a classic wordgame in which quick-thinking players draw on a range of skills, from the more obvious ones such as spelling and vocabulary through strategising, counting and bluffing, to having a good understanding of anagrams and probability.

American architect Alfred Mosher Butts invented the game, which he originally called Criss-Crosswords, in 1938. A decade later the rights to the game changed hands and the name amended to its current one. The word scrabble is a verb describing groping around with hands or feet to find something you cannot see, for example an item in a darkened room or a foothold when mountaineering. The game Scrabble is so-named because players often find themselves mentally scrabbling around as they search to find the right letters or words to accrue as many points as possible…or prevent their opponents from so doing!

Scrabble Words

Why Learn Scrabble Words?

Whether you’re a seasoned Scrabble pro or just looking to improve your word skills, having a solid knowledge of Scrabble words will give you a huge advantage when playing games, in everyday conversation, and when composing written work.

Learning Scrabble words is not only a fun and entertaining activity, but also has many benefits for both personal and professional life. These include:

1) Improves vocabulary.

Playing Scrabble increases your knowledge of the English language by forcing you to think of words you may not have used before.

2) Enhances critical thinking skills.

In Scrabble you need to think quickly and strategically in order to find the best words. This requires you to solve problems and think critically, two invaluable and transferable life skills.

3) Provides a fun and social activity.

The game is an ideal way to spend quality time engaging in fun competition with family, friends, and friendly foes.

4) Boosts memory and concentration.

Memorizing spelling variations and root words requires a focus that will serve you well in other areas of life.

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Types of Scrabble Words

The simplicity and adaptability of the game means it comes as no surprise that Scrabble is played in as many as 35 languages. That said, let’s be clear from the outset: Scrabble words do not occupy a special category divorced from the rest of language, they are a subset of the language in which the game is being played. For example, there are no Scrabble words in the English version of the game that are not constituents of the English language and its foreign loanwords, but there are many English words that cannot be played in Scrabble.

For example, The Official Scrabble Player’s Dictionary contains a little over 100,000 words whilst the English language has well over 170,000. The game permits obsolete, archaic and colloquial words as well as foreign words that appear in English dictionaries, but does not allow proper nouns or words comprising hyphens or apostrophes.

Of interest to note is the game added 500 words to its lexicon in November 2022. This includes slang terms such as amirite, adorbs and bestie (meaning “Am I right?”, adorable and best friend respectively), foreign loanwords such as Arabic iftar, Spanish horchata and carnitas, Italian arancini, and contemporary sociopolitical nouns including vax and subtweet. It’s clear the custodians of the game are keen to embrace modernity, but that didn’t stop eyebrows being raised about unexpected additions including dumpster being reclassified from a trademark to a common noun, and an expanded list of verbs that were previously only accepted in noun-form, such as spitball, adult and verb. This means competitors can now play verb, verbed and verbing without fear!

Common Scrabble Words

As a strategy for winning the game there is a strong case for familiarising yourself with uncommon words as that gives you the edge over fellow combatants. However, it’s best practice to ensure you can walk before you run, so a wise move is to make certain you have a firm grasp of the basics in terms of correct spellings, root words, prefixes and suffixes.

Obviously the specific circumstances (eg the words on the board, tiles in your possession, and availability of premium squares) of the game you’re in at the time will dictate the best play you can make, but all else be equal, here are words that will give you a huge score because you’ll use all seven of your own tiles:

  • chutzpah (77 points)
  • equalize (76 points)
  • exorcize (76 points)
  • flapjack (76 points)
  • jezebel (75 points)
  • jukebox (77 points)
  • maximize (78 points)
  • quickly (75 points)
  • quixotic (76 points)
  • squeeze (75 points)
  • wheezily (76 points)
  • whizbang (76 points)

NB: some of the words are eight letters long and as such will depend on one letter being in an acccessible spot on the board.

To conclude, learning Scrabble words is a worthwhile investment of your time because it provides not only entertainment, but a whole host of cognitive and social benefits.

All Scrabble Words

Scrabble Words List 

Scrabble Words with Q

  1. Quaff
  2. Quag
  3. Quaint
  4. Quake
  5. Qua
  6. Quack
  7. Quad
  8. Qualm
  9. Quamash
  10. Quan
  11. Quahog
  12. Quail
  13. Quango
  14. Quank
  15. Quant
  16. Quanta
  17. Quantum
  18. Quare
  19. Quark
  20. Quarrel
  21. Quarry
  22. Quarter
  23. Quarto
  24. Quatch
  25. Quandang
  26. Quandy
  27. Quater
  28. Quaver
  29. Quash
  30. Quass
  31. Quaw
  32. Quean
  33. Queasy
  34. Queen
  35. Queendom
  36. Queenly
  37. Quiver
  38. Quixotic
  39. Quiz
  40. Quell
  41. Quench
  42. Query
  43. Quest
  44. Quatercentenary
  45. Quatrain
  46. Question
  47. Questionable
  48. Questionnaire
  49. Quey
  50. Quibble
  51. Quick
  52. Quicken
  53. Quicklime
  54. Quicksand
  55. Quickstep
  56. Quiet
  57. Quieten
  58. Quietism
  59. Questioner
  60. Questioning
  61. Quietly
  62. Quietude
  63. Quietus
  64. Quiff
  65. Quill
  66. Quillet
  67. Quilt
  68. Quinine
  69. Quinquagenarian
  70. Quinsy
  71. Quint
  72. Quintain
  73. Quintal
  74. Quintessence
  75. Quintet
  76. Quintuple
  77. Quinary
  78. Quinate
  79. Quince
  80. Quip
  81. Quipper
  82. Quipping
  83. Quire
  84. Quirk
  85. Quirky
  86. Quirt
  87. Quipsome
  88. Quit
  89. Quitch
  90. Quod

Two Letter Scrabble Words

  • AD
  • AB
  • AH
  • AI
  • AE
  • AG
  • AA
  • AL
  • AM
  • AN
  • AT
  • AW
  • AX
  • AR
  • AS
  • AY
  • BI
  • BO
  • BA
  • BE
  • BY
  • DA
  • DI
  • DO
  • DE
  • EA
  • ED
  • EL
  • EM
  • EF
  • EH
  • EN
  • ET
  • ER
  • ES
  • EX
  • FE
  • FI
  • FA
  • FL
  • FO
  • GI
  • GO
  • GU
  • HA
  • HE
  • HO
  • HI
  • HM
  • IO
  • ID
  • IF
  • IN
  • IS
  • IT
  • JO
  • KA
  • KI
  • LA
  • LI
  • LO
  • MI
  • MM
  • MA
  • ME
  • MO
  • MU
  • MY
  • NA
  • NE
  • NO
  • NU
  • OD
  • OE
  • OI
  • OM
  • ON
  • OF
  • OH
  • OS
  • OU
  • OP
  • OR
  • OW
  • OX
  • PA
  • PE
  • PI
  • PO
  • QI
  • RE
  • SH
  • SI
  • SO
  • TA
  • TE
  • TI
  • TO
  • UN
  • UP
  • UH
  • UM
  • US
  • UT
  • WE
  • WO
  • XI
  • XU
  • YA
  • YE
  • YO
  • ZA
  • ZO

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