10+ Useful Sexuality Idioms with Meaning and Examples

Learn useful Sexuality Idioms in English with meaning and examples.

List of 10+ Useful Sexuality Idioms in English.

(To) Bat/Play for Both Teams

  • Meaning: To be bisexual.
  • Example: Jake bats for both teams. You’ll see him with women, but he’s had several relationships with guys.

(To) Bat/Play for the Other Team

  • Meaning: To be homosexual.
  • Example: Don’t bother asking Susan out-she plays for the other team.

Note: This is rather old-fashioned, but still understood.

(To) Fuck (Or Screw) The Dog (Pooch)

  • Meaning: To make an embarrassing error
  • Example: It’s OK if you make a few mistakes at first. Just don’t screw the pooch.

Note: This is obscene.

Babe Magnet

  • Meaning: A man to whom women are attracted
  • Example: I like to go out to the bars with John-he’s a real babe magnet, so I get to meet lots of women too.

Note: Also “chick magnet.” These are North American.

Useful Sexuality Idioms in English

Sexuality Idioms

Bedroom Eyes

  • Meaning: An expression of the eyes that seems to invite sex
  • Example: I can tell by your bedroom eyes that you want to go home with me.

Boy Toy

  • Meaning: A young man who is the lover of an older, often wealthier woman (see toyboy)
  • Example: As they get older, glamorous actresses like to be seen in the company of a boy toy.

Come Out of the Closet

  • Meaning: Reveal a secret about oneself, usually that one is gay (homosexual)
  • Example: In the 1950s gay actors rarely came out of the closet, but now ir’s rare to find one who hasn’t done so.

Have the Hots for (Somebody)

  • Meaning: To be (sexually) attracted to somebody
  • Example: I really have the hots for Samantha, and now she’s agreed to go out with me. Excited!

Knock Up

  • Meaning: To impregnate a woman. Often used in the form “knocked up”.
  • Example: Pam wanted to go to college, but she got knocked up, so she had to put her plans on hold.

Make Love

  • Meaning: To have sexual intercourse
  • Example: You only live once. Let’s drink beer and make love on the beach!

Note: An older sense of this phrase was “to court,” but that is now obsolete.

Red-Light District

  • Meaning: A neighborhood with many houses of prostitution
  • Example: Police keep trying to clear out prostitution in the red-light district, but the streetwalkers always come back again.

Sugar Daddy

  • Meaning: A rich man who is generous with younger women in return for sexual favors
  • Example: How did I pay for college? I found a sugar daddy who helped me out. All I had to do was spend the night with him once a week.

The Birds and the Bees

  • Meaning: Human sexuality and reproduction
  • Example: My daughter is asking questions about where she came from. I guess it’s time to tell her about the birds and the bees.

Note: This is typically used in describing a conversation with a child.

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