Shook Meaning: What Does Shook Mean? with Useful Examples

What does Shook mean? Learn the definition and how to use this online slang word with ESL infographic and texting conversation examples in English.

Shook Meaning

What Does Shook Mean?

‘Shook’ is a particular way of saying you are shocked. To be ‘shook’ is to be frightened, caught off guard, or ever hesitant about a situation. If you find yourself very emotionally unsettled then that would be the perfect time to use ‘shook’.

Other Meanings

The term ‘shook’ is also the past tense meaning for ‘shake’.

Origin of Shook

The term ‘shook’ was started as a mistake by misspelling a word while texting. Many meant to say shock or shocked, yet shook came out because of the shocking situations they hit send before looking to correct the mistake.

Conversation Examples

The many different ways this internet slang term is used while speaking.

Example 1:

  • Texter 1: Girl did you see my hair.
  • Texter 2: No what up?
  • Texter 1: (Picture of girl and very horrible orange color.)
  • Texter 2: Girl I am shook, wth did you do?

Sending a picture of a messed up hair do or bad hair coloring is a way you will find ‘shook’ used frequently. Here you have a girl who had very pretty black hair and after sending her friends a picture of her new orange hair, her friend is at a loss for words.

  • wth – What The Hell or What The Heck

Example 2:

  • Texter 1: I need a place to crash tonight.
  • Texter 2: Sure, why though?
  • Texter 1: Long story, but thanks.
  • Texter 2: Come’on what is up?
  • Texter 1: My mom is sleeping with our basketball couch.
  • Texter 2: WHAT!?
  • Texter 1: Yeah…
  • Texter 2: Wow you shook my world.

Very off the wall type news can be another reason or time someone will use the term ‘shook’. For instance your friend saying they caught their mother cheating on their father with your team’s basketball couch.

Shook Meaning Infographic