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Last Updated on November 3, 2023

How many shopping phrases do you know? Whenever you go for shopping, you may be forced to seek assistance. Shopping sprees may also require conversations with strangers as you ask for recommendations or make a purchase. Below are some good shopping phrases that can act as conversation starters.

Shopping Phrases

Phrases For Greetings and Small Talk

If you don’t know how to initiate small talk or greet someone while out shopping, here are some good phrases to consider. You can use them to complement a stranger and get a conversation going.

  • “Hi! How is your day going?”
  • Morning to you! Would you know where I can find some fresh organic produce?”
  • “What brings you shopping today?”
  • “Nice Jacket. Where did you get it?”
  • “Have you tried the snack samples at the entrance?”
  • “Hi, do you need assistance with anything?”
  • “Have you found what you are looking for?”
  • “What are you doing after shopping?”
  • “Hi, I see you often during the week. Are you from around?”
  • “What do you hate most about grocery shopping?”
  • “Any plans after shopping? I could really use some company.”

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Phrases For Asking for Assistance

If you need help with something, you can use the shopping phrases below with strangers or staff at your convenient store or mall. These phrases are simple to use and modify to your liking. Most importantly, they’ll get you the assistance you need most of the time if you “pair” them with a smile and “good” body language.

  • Excuse me, do you by any chance know where I can find fresh juice.”
  • “Hi, sorry to bother you! Would you be knowing which of these is better?”
  • “Hi, I’m looking for the seafood section. Where exactly is it?”
  • “Hi, I’m not sure what to get at this point. Do you have any recommendations for these three items?”
  • “Hi, I am lost. Could you please direct me to the self-service counter?”
  • “Hi, I can’t seem to find supplies that are usually in this section. Could you check for me if there are some available in stock?”
  • “Hi there, I’ve not used the brand you picked there. Would you mind telling me more?”
  • “I’m searching for a gift for my niece, and she’s about your daughter’s age. Would you mind giving me suggestions?”

Phrases For Making a Purchase

After picking your items, it’s time to pay. The checkout process requires some interaction. The phrases below will help you communicate effectively on payment or other issues that may arrive at the counter or point of sale.

  • “Hi, I think I’ll settle on this. I’m ready to make the purchase.”
  • “I love this one more. Let’s proceed and complete the transaction.”
  • “Do you have a special discount? I think my purchase is way above your typical everyday deals?”
  • “Hi, please process this for me.”
  • “Hi, I’m not sure how to use the self-checkout counter. Can you assist me please?”
  • “I’d love to get this offer. How can I claim it?”
  • “Can you assist me with this purchase? I don’t want to miss this offer.”
  • “I don’t have enough cash with me. What other payment methods do you accept?”
  • “Is it cheaper if I buy this in bulk?”
  • How much more will I save if I get this via your online store?”
  • “Do you offer free delivery, given my bulky purchase?”
  • “I have some discount vouchers I’d like to redeem as part of the payment. Hope that’s ok?”
  • “I want to make multiple purchases. Can you combine shipping costs?”
  • “What happens if I want to return this? What’s your return policy for items like these?”
  • “Do you mind holding these for me as I process payment?”
  • “I’m not sure If that card has enough money. Let me know if it goes through.”

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There you go! You can use the phrases above to greet people, create small talk, request assistance, or when making a purchase. There are obviously many other shopping phrases you can consider using. However, the above phrases are great for starters. You can modify them as you see fit, depending on your unique shopping scenario.

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