100+ Short E Words in English | How to Spell Short E Words

What are short E words? Like every vowel, the letter e has what are called a long sound and a short sound. The letter e is one of the most used vowels in then English language and it is helpful to know when and how to use the short e sound correctly.

There are seven common ways to spell words with the short e sound, and it can be easily be confused with short vowel words: vowel a vowel i sounds. With that being said, the majority of short e words quite simply contain just the letter e. Several of the different spelling patterns to make the short e sound only apply to a few words.

Short E Words

What are Short E Words?

Short e words are words where the e is relaxed, like “eh”, and does not sound like it’s name, “ee”. It is common to learn the short e sound first before learning the long e sound and words. It is also easier to learn the short e words that use the letter e before moving to the other spelling patterns that make the short e sound.

It is most common for short e words to be spelled with just the letter e, but sometimes words will make the short e sound without having the letter e in the word at all. Below are some examples and six of the most common different ways in which to write short e words.

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Ways to Spell Short E

The short e is usually seen as the letter e and pronounced as “eh”. A few examples of this are egg, elephant, and end.

There are a few other options for spelling the short e sound in words:

  • a – many
  • ea – head
  • ai – said
  • ie – friend
  • ei – heifer
  • eo – leopard

When you see words with these different short e spelling patterns, it can be helpful to say them slowly and recognize when your tongue makes the short e sound “eh”. This can help you remember that although the spelling looks different, it still sounds the same and you’ll know how to correctly identify a short e word. It is also helpful to take a closer look at the short e words that don’t have the letter e in them to help remember those words for correct spelling when going to write them.

List of Short E Words


  • bed
  • beg
  • Ben
  • belt
  • best
  • bet
  • cent
  • den
  • desk
  • fed
  • gem
  • get
  • gel
  • help
  • hen
  • hem
  • jet
  • keg
  • kept
  • led
  • leg
  • lemon
  • let
  • men
  • mess
  • met
  • neck
  • net
  • pen
  • peg
  • pet
  • red
  • set
  • ten
  • them
  • Ted
  • vet
  • yet
  • wed
  • went
  • west
  • wet


  • any
  • many


  • ahead
  • already
  • bread
  • breakfast
  • breast
  • dead
  • deaf
  • displeasure
  • dread
  • endeavor
  • feather
  • head
  • health
  • heaven
  • instead
  • jealous
  • lead (metal)
  • leather
  • leaven
  • meadow
  • measure
  • ocean
  • pageant
  • realm
  • sergeant
  • steadfast
  • steady
  • spread
  • sweat
  • sweater
  • treasure
  • thread
  • threat
  • treacherous
  • tread
  • weapon
  • weather
  • wealth


  • again
  • against
  • creme fraiche
  • said


  • befriend
  • boyfriend
  • friend
  • friendly
  • friendship
  • girlfriend
  • unfriend
  • unfriendly


  • heifer
  • leisure (proper English pronounces this like a short e sound, while some American English might pronounce this with a long e sound)


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