100+ Synonyms for “Show” with Examples | Another Word for “Show”

If you’re looking to enhance your vocabulary and improve your writing skills, understanding synonyms is essential. In this article, we’ll explore the different synonyms of “show” in various contexts and provide example sentences to help you better understand how to use them.

Show Synonyms

100+ Synonyms for "Show" with Examples | Another Word for “Show” Pin

Show Meaning

Show” as a verb means to display, exhibit, or present something to others, typically for the purpose of providing information, entertainment, or demonstration.

As a noun, “show” refers to a public exhibition or display, such as a performance, presentation, or event. It can also refer to a television or radio program, or a theatrical production. Additionally, “show” can indicate the act of presenting or displaying something to others.

List of synonyms for Show

  • Air
  • Appear
  • Appearance
  • Array
  • Attest
  • Broadcast
  • Carnival
  • Certify
  • Concert
  • Conduct
  • Confirm
  • Convey
  • Corroborate
  • Demonstrate
  • Demonstrated
  • Demonstration
  • Depict
  • Disclose
  • Display
  • Displayed
  • Displaying
  • Divulge
  • Drama
  • Emerge
  • Entertainment
  • Establish
  • Evidence
  • Evince
  • Exhibit
  • Exhibition
  • Explain
  • Expose
  • Exposition
  • Express
  • Fair
  • Flag up
  • Flash
  • Flaunt
  • Give
  • Guide
  • Has shown
  • Illustrate
  • Indicate
  • Indicated
  • Indication
  • Lead
  • Living room
  • Look
  • Make
  • Make known
  • Manifest
  • Mark
  • Meet
  • Offer
  • Ostentation
  • Pageant
  • Parade
  • Performance
  • Picture
  • Play
  • Point
  • Point out
  • Pomp
  • Present
  • Presentation
  • Production
  • Program
  • Programme
  • Proof
  • Prove
  • Proven
  • Put on display
  • Reflect
  • Register
  • Report
  • Represent
  • Reveal
  • Revealed
  • Scene
  • Seeing
  • Seem
  • Sham
  • Show on the road
  • Show up
  • Showcase
  • Showing
  • Sight
  • Sign
  • Spectacle
  • Stage
  • State
  • Substantiate
  • Suggest
  • Taste
  • Teach
  • Tell
  • Test
  • Testify
  • Turn up
  • Uncover
  • Unveil
  • Verify
  • View
  • Watch

Types of Synonyms for Show

To Display or Make Visible

  • Present
  • Exhibit
  • Reveal
  • Display
  • Unveil

To Demonstrate or Prove

  • Demonstrate
  • Illustrate
  • Evidence

To Feature or Spotlight

  • Highlight
  • Showcase
  • Spotlight

To Announce or Make Known

  • Proclaim
  • Announce
  • Broadcast
  • Publicize

To Display with Emphasis

  • Flaunt
  • Parade
  • Brandish

Common Synonyms For Show

Show vs. Explain

Show” typically involves visually presenting something or providing a demonstration, while “explain” involves making something clear or understandable through verbal or written communication.

  • The magician will show a new trick during the performance.
  • Please explain the concept of photosynthesis to the class.

Show vs. Guide

Show” refers to demonstrating or presenting something visually or physically, while “guide” involves leading or directing someone in a particular direction or course of action.

  • She will show you how to solve the math problem step by step.
  • The tour guide will guide the group through the museum, providing information about each exhibit.

Show vs. Lead

Show” typically means to display or present something, either physically or metaphorically. On the other hand, “lead” often refers to guiding or directing others, or being in charge of a group or situation.

  • The documentary will show the impact of climate change on local communities.
  • She will lead the team to victory in the championship game.

Show vs. Instruct

“Show” generally refers to the act of exhibiting or presenting something, whether in a physical or metaphorical sense.

  • During the experiment, the scientist will show the effects of the new drug on the lab mice.
  • The manual will instruct you on how to assemble the furniture.

Synonyms for Show In Different Contexts

Art and Entertainment

  • Perform: The orchestra will perform Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 at the concert tonight.
  • Present: The host will present the award for Best Actor at the ceremony.
  • Demonstrate: The chef will demonstrate how to prepare the signature dish in front of the live audience.
  • Stage: The theater company will stage a production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet next month.
  • Exhibit: The museum will exhibit rare artifacts from ancient civilizations.
  • Display: The art gallery will display the new collection of paintings by local artists.
  • Expose: The art show will expose the hidden talents of emerging artists to the public.
  • Broadcast: The radio station will broadcast the interview with the famous author next week.
  • Stream: The music festival will stream the performances live on its website for global audiences to enjoy.


  • Express: She used art to express her emotions in a powerful and moving way.
  • Demonstrate: The science experiment will demonstrate the effects of heat on different materials.
  • Articulate: It’s important to articulate your thoughts clearly during the debate.
  • Convey: His smile conveyed a sense of warmth and friendliness.
  • Impart: The teacher sought to impart knowledge and critical thinking skills to her students.
  • Relay: Please relay the message to the rest of the team as soon as possible.
  • Signify: The ringing of the bell will signify the start of the ceremony.
  • Denote: The red traffic light denotes that it is time to stop.
  • Symbolize: The dove is often used to symbolize peace and harmony.
  • Depict: The artist will depict a historical event in his mural.

Business and Marketing


  • Advertise: The company will advertise their new product on social media and television.
  • Market: The company plans to market its new line of skincare products to a younger demographic.


  • Spotlight: The marketing campaign will spotlight the innovative technology of our new smartphone.
  • Showcase: The trade show will showcase our latest designs and product features to potential buyers.


  • Launch: The company will launch its new line of electric vehicles next month.
  • Unveil: The tech giant will unveil its latest smartphone model at the upcoming conference.

Academic Contexts


  • Demonstrate: The study demonstrates the impact of climate change on migration patterns.
  • Illustrate: Graphs in the report illustrate the statistical relationship between the variables.
  • Expound: The author expounds on the theory with ample evidence from recent research.


  • Explicate: The paper explicates the steps taken to ensure the integrity of the data.
  • Develop: The discussion develops the initial idea by adding layers of complexity.
  • Amplify: The researcher amplifies the significance of the findings through comparative analysis.


  • Articulate: The theorist articulates the connection between economic and political systems.
  • Disambiguate: The lecture sought to disambiguate the various aspects of the philosophical argument.
  • Shed Light: Recent studies shed light on the mechanisms behind the phenomenon.

Absolute And Near Synonyms For Show

Absolute Synonyms For Show

Word Meaning
Demonstrate Showing how something works or is done, often to teach.
Present To bring something to someone’s attention formally.
Illustrate To make something clear by giving examples or providing visuals.

Near Synonyms For Show

Synonym Meaning
Display Show by putting in a place where people can see
Exhibit Show publicly or formally
Reveal Uncover or make known what was hidden

Frequently Asked Questions

Another Word for Show | 100+ Synonyms for "Show" with Useful ExamplesPin

What alternative words can convey the same meaning as ‘show’ when used in writing?

In your writing, when aiming for variety, words like ‘display’, ‘exhibit’, and ‘reveal’ can serve as substitutes for ‘show’.

Which synonyms for ‘show’ are appropriate for academic or IELTS contexts?

For academic or IELTS contexts, ‘demonstrate’, ‘depict’, and ‘illustrate’ are preferred synonyms, as they convey a scholarly tone.

Can ‘exhibit’ replace ‘show’ in professional or formal settings?

Yes, ‘exhibit’ is often used in formal or professional contexts to suggest a deliberate display or presentation of information or artifacts.

What are the various synonyms for ‘show’ that can enhance presentation skills?

In presentations, using synonyms such as ‘present’, ‘demonstrate’, or ‘feature’ can add dynamism and clarity to your delivery.