SLEEP Phrasal Verbs | Learn Phrasal Verbs about Sleep 1

SLEEP Phrasal Verbs | Learn Phrasal Verbs about Sleep

Learn common SLEEP phrasal verbs with meaning and examples in English.

List of Useful Phrasal Verbs about SLEEP

SLEEP Phrasal Verbs

Wake up

  • Meaning: Stop sleeping
  • Example: I often wake up at 6. am.

Get up

  • Meaning: Stop sleeping and leave bed
  • Example: We had to get up at 4 and work 12 hours.

Lie down

  • Meaning: Rest on your back
  • Example: He lay down on the sofa and soon fell asleep.

Sleep in

  • Meaning: Sleep longer than wanted
  • Example: We usually sleep in on Sunday mornings.

Drop off

  • Meaning: Fall asleep easily, without intending to
  • Example: She kept dropping off at her desk sometimes.

Sleep over

  • Meaning: Sleep at a friend’s house
  • Example: Are your friends sleeping over tonight?

Lie in

  • Meaning: Stay in bed after the time you usually get up
  • Example: It’s a holiday tomorrow, so you can lie in.

Stay up

  • Meaning: Go to bed later than usual
  • Example: We stayed up half the night talking.

Go off

  • Meaning: Ring
  • Example: I’ve set the alarm clock to go off at 6 am.

Sleep through

  • Meaning: Sleep continuously for a long time
  • Example: I slept right through till lunchtime.

Sleep on it

  • Meaning: Delay making a decision until the following day
  • Example: Sleep on it and we’ll take tomorrow, okay?

Doze off

  • Meaning: Go to sleep especially when you did not intend to
  • Example: Sorry, I must have dozed off for a few minutes.

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SLEEP Phrasal Verbs

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