“Slide Into The DMs” – Do You Know What This Term Means?

Last Updated on January 9, 2021

Justin Bieber slides into the DMs of Charli D’Amelio to send a birthday greeting to his sister. Nick Jonas send a DM Priyanka Chopra before they got married, just to meet her. You can DM someone on any social media website: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. What does it mean to DM someone?

“Slide Into The DMs” Meaning

What Does “Slide Into The DMs” Mean?

DM is an abbreviation meaning “direct message.” Social media sites feature a message tab that allows someone to send a private message. People have shortened the message tab and refer to it as a DM for short.

In general conversation, this phrase in slang wording does differ depending on the user. For example, you can say “slide into a person’s DMs,” or “slide into yo DMs.” A male or female friend will tell their friends that they are going to slide into the DM of someone to meet them.

DMs on social media are used to start a personal conversation with another social media profile. Conversations take place just between the two parties.

The expression of “slide into your DMs” implies that someone is trying to be smooth and make your acquaintance online in a personal chat.

To slide into the DMs simply means that a stranger wants to send a profiler a private message on social media. This is a private conversation that does not appear on the public pages of social media websites. Remember, that the person that is receiving a DM can reject or ghost your private message.

Where Did the Term Originate?

Where did the term DM begin? Its history began on Twitter in 2010. A Twitter user simply tweeted a phrase about wondering who a friend’s contact with a boyfriend initiated sliding into DMs. This expression caught on as a browsing phrase.

Millennials to Generation Z picked up on the slang and its term is being used by social media profiles of all ages. Yes, there is a negative connotation to the term, meaning that someone is trying to be slick and contact a profiler whom they admire from afar.

But sending someone a DM does not mean that it is a shady communication. Actually, new friendships, and relationships have formed using a DM. So, don’t take a DM as negative. A DM flirt is not always bad, give it a chance.

How to Slide into Someone’s DMs

To send a stranger a DM, you both should have an existing profile on your selected social media site. You go to that person’s profile page. Under tabbed headings like message on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you click on it.

You write a polite comment to them and introduce yourself. You can also send pictures or videos from your gallery file. Then you wait to hear from them. You will see shortly that your message was “sent” and delivered. The receiver has gotten your message and will send you a reply. – good luck!


To get you started on DMing someone, begin with what they have been posting. Make comments about the posts and make sure a response is required:

1. Hello, my name is Jessie. I am following your travel locations and your pictures are beautiful. When travel is safe again, I would love to follow your footprints. Maybe, if you ever need a travel companion, I would love to share in your adventures.

2. Hi, I am a personal chef who has fallen in love with your Sriracha steak recipe. I tried it and it was delicious. Your flavors are inventive. I am planning a cook book, would you like to be a contributing chef?

You get the idea. Just stay away from commenting on good they look because it sounds a little creepy. Slide into the DMs with smooth ease!

Do I Have To Say – Slide Into the DMs?

If you are not comfortable using the term “slide into the DMs” of a stranger, it is okay. People of a certain age often say that they would like to “message another person,” or that “they would like to reach out to a stranger” through messaging.

Remember, that the term “slide into the DM” is not a bad term. It is just another phrase used by the younger generation today that means that they are excited to reach out to someone they are interested in or whom they admire.

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